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28-l. vice president biden expressing his condolences about the teenage girls that died on the flight. that coming up at 11:00. ♪ good morning. all eyes on chantal, the tropical storm on a path to bring heavy rain and dangerous flooding to the southern u.s. this morning, the timing and impact of that storm. dangerous decision. startling photos of passengers understand the back fwrougrounde jewelry. >> this is worth $350 because it's the complete set and the green color is rare. that's popular now. all the bright colors but also is it something from your grandmother. you can tell a story and you have pictures of her wearing it. you have a whole history. that can add to the value and authenticity. >> sports memorabilia. are baseball cards fetching a high price? >> sadly no. who stopped to grab carry-on luggage, even duty-free items, as they escaped the flames of asiana flight 214. and the pilots reveal new details about what was going on in the cockpit seconds before the crash. and the final four. the beloved bill cosby with an online competition to pick the best or some might say the ugliest sweater from his years on tv. he's with us live, and you can help pick the winner today, wednesday, july 10th, 2013. 3 c3 these are my sons cards but there's only a few that are valuable. a lot of them from the 50s are still valuable. mickey mantel cards. willie mays cards go from 80 to $100 but if you have it authenticated. psa is a great place to go and they'll tell you what the condition is and let you know the authenticity and that can more than double the value. willie mays card in almost
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desde nbc, esto es today. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> ugly sweater, i meant that in the best possible way. >> too late. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, i'm savannah guthrie alongside natalie morales, notice he's not wearing perfect condition is about $300. >> and willie geist has his collection of beanie babies here. are they worth anything? >> sadly know. i told people paying hundreds and thousands dollars for beanie babies. people are selling 200 beanie babies for $200. >> thank you we appreciate it. >> coming up next after your local news. a sweater, not to play favorites. more on the competition later. right now ports of puerto rico, haiti and dominican republic are beginning to feel the impact of chantal. >> flash flooding, mudslides, all major concerns. and dominican officials are telling people in low-lying areas to evacuate. >> we want to get right to the weather channel's mike bettes in for al this week. good morning to you. >> a lotf information to digest this morning. we're looking at a system weakening a little bit, could be good news. having said that, we still have tropical storm warnings for
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dominican republic and haiti and flash flooding a monumental concern in these locations, especially when you consider the hilly terrain and how much rain to be forecast here. we track this as it goes towards the bahamas and could get close to the united states. right now 45-mile-an-hour winds, weaker than yesterday at this point and it's gone past puerto rico but we look for heavy rain today. northwest movement, forward speed, right around 29 miles per hour, a very quick-moving storm and hasn't gained a lot of strength in the short term, at least. here is the projected path on good wednesday morning to you, 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. apple has lost its court battle over e books. the federal judge says apple this storm coming past haiti, potentially hitting this afternoon, coming through cuba, potentially weakening more. but notice this, by friday early morning, coming very, very close to the bahamas and then keys. this could be a very, very interesting forecast as we go later into the weekend. notice, right along the parallel coast of florida, then potentially making a landfall into georgia, this is a part of the country that doesn't need anymore rain. epic flooding already occurred so far this summer, any rain produced from this storm could cost more. conspired to raise the price of e books. the judge still trying to determine just how much the cupertino company will pay for fixing e book prices. want to check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. good morning to you at home. not too bad, 87 degrees inland, bay side, 76, 65 at the coast. good news is no major heat, no extremes headed our way. all the way through the extended period, we are going to level off and end up in the upper 80s every single day today, all the way through tuesday. hope you have a fantastic
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heavy rain through the islands the next three days and through the weekend, a very big concern across the southeast united states. more on your forecast today straight ahead. now here's matt. >> mike, thank you very much. we'll get the rest of your forecast in a second. let's go to the crash of asiana flight 214. the four pilots on board that aircraft are now giving investigators a clearer picture what was happening in the cockpit at the time of the crash. nbc's tom costello is covering the investigation for us. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning. this is all coming down to air speed and lining up properly on wednesday. stay cool out there. robin thicke bringing you in the right runway. at least one of the pilots admits, they struggled to line up properly. and they didn't notice that their air speed had fallen. the wreckage of asiana flight 214 still sits on runway 28 left at sfo. passengers and crews on arriving and departing flights get an up-close look at the disaster, including passengers on other asiana flights.
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we now know, pilot lee kong-kook was in the co pilot seat. that instructor has told investigators, the plane at first was coming in too high, and not properly lined up for landing. >> the instructor captain stated that they were trying to make corrections during that portion of the flight between 500 feet and 200 feet to make some lateral corrections, and also because they knew that they were low on the glide slope. >> reporter: the question, did the crew become distracted, trying to get lined up on the runway, first too high and then too low. the instructor says when they noticed the auto throttles were not maintaining a minimum speed, it was too late. they crashed seconds later. we've also learned that two flight attendants who were in the rear of the plane were ejected on impact. both survived, though injured. meanwhile, these photos have got airline safety experts stunned. passengers who grabbed their luggage, purses, carry-ons, even duty-free shopping before leaving, even though the plane was on fire. everyone in danger.
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flight attendants say it could have been a deadly mistake. >> leave all bags behind. you're going to keep other people from getting off a burning aircraft. you're going to potentially harm a slide, and you're going to be off-balance when you get to the bottom and put yourself in jeopardy of breaking a limb. >> reporter: because this was a foreign crew, they were not legally required to be tested for drugs or alcohol after the crash, and they were not. meanwhile, four days after this crash, a local attorney is beginning the process of prepping for lawsuits. matt? >> hey, tom, before i let you go, i want to get your take on that train crash in quebec. officials have now launched a criminal probe. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, investigators there have ruled out terrorism. but they are looking at the possibility of criminal negligence, and they're also wondering whether somebody tampered with this train before the crash. this happened near the border with maine and eastern quebec. the train broke loose early saturday, and it then raced downhill seven miles, getting up to 63 miles per hour. 72 cars were carrying oil.
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five exploded. 2,000 of the 6,000 people in the town forced to knee vac ate their homes, still trying to stop oil from flowing into the saint lawrence river. but the heart of the capital there, business district, is still a crime scene. 30 buildings destroyed. so far the death toll at 15, as many as 3 dozen bodies could be buried in the rubble there, and this is a criminal investigation with of the canadian rail investigators involved, as well. matt, it is still an ongoing this morning. situation. back to you. >> tom costello in san francisco this morning. tom, thank you very much. those images back to asiana flight 214 of the passengers with duty-free items and carry-on bags. >> unbelievable. >> as people are trying to evacuate what turned into an inferno. >> right. >> unbelievable. >> they are. and you hate to judge people in the middle of an emergency situation. you never know, maybe it's just an automatic response. but it's a good lesson to all of us, to think of just getting out of the plane and nothing else. >> exactly what they tell you welcome to today on a wednesday morning, july 10th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. al is off this morning.
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when you get on a plane in case of an emergency. >> in any crash, for that matter, just get out. mean time, the surviving boston bombing suspect due in court for the first time today, details on that. >> that's right, savannah and matt. good morning, everyone. the man accused in the bombings will face survivors of the attack for the first time today. dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with using a weapon of mass destruction. three people were killed and more than 260 wounded in the april 15th bombings. i was walking across the street. not that hot but muggy out the texas house gives provisional approval to tough new abortion laws in the state. tuesday night, the house voted 98-49 for the legislation. demonstrators on both sides of the issue descended on the state capitol building and erupted in screams and cheers immediately following last night's vote. a final formal vote is scheduled for today. the bill would then go to the state senate. former president george w. bush is front and center today, weighing in on immigration reform. it is the latest in a string of public appearances. there. >> you walk out and immediately it's like deoderant check. >> i got on the one car that had no air conditioning. if you have ever been on a subway platform in new york city in the summertime it's as close to hell as you'll ever get. i mean that many ways, but especially the temperature. >> pretty amazing pictures this morning out of the plane crash of asiana flight 214 out of san francisco. the photos show passengers fleeing the burning plane at the airport and a lot of them grabbed their luggage. their carry ones. >> not just that, their du duty-free shopping. >> yeah and it could have been a dangerous mistake for all of them. they came out and said leave you most of us haven't been through something like that thankfully but in a traumatic situation where your world just completely erupted before your eyes, there is something to be said for
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nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us now from dallas. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. and the former president has tried to steer clear of any hot political issues for years. but today a noticeable change. this morning he said he believes the current immigration debate should have a benevolent spirit, thinks a solution is possible, and the first public event he held at his new library was a naturalization ceremony for new citizens. those that grab for some sort of sense of security or even grabbing your purse if your phone is in there and you want to reach out to your loved ones and make sure they know you're okay but when you see them grabbing the duty-free bags and everything just to save the money they spent at the duty-free store, it's hard to understand the thinking behind that but i think it is. people just kind of -- and they have shown time after time, the miracle on the hudson as well people were grabbing things, their purses, their handbags. it's sort of human nature. george w. bush is on a roll of high-profile events. appearing with president obama in africa. hands-on service projects with mrs. bush. and making rare comments about an issue like immigration. >> we have a problem. the laws governing the immigration system aren't working. the system is broken. >> reporter: aides to the former president insist, he is not injecting himself into congress's current immigration debate. been there, done that. if you're not grabbing your kids, if you're in the in that situation where you're a parent you surround yourself with your possessions and get out. >> we're not going to judge what they were going through. maybe there was no fire or smoke where they were sitting and they had two seconds to reach down and grab the bag in front of you. >> but still a big no no in any situation. just get out. make sure you're safe an your loved ones are safe. >> grab the cigarettes and liquor you bought.
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>> we should establish a legal and orderly path for foreign workers to enter our country to work. >> reporter: remember bush tried, but failed to get comprehensive reform. including a guest worker program. these days, opposing voices are keeping up the political pressure. from conservative talk radio -- >> it is so bad that republicans who want amnesty can't even support it. >> reporter: to frequent capitol hill demonstrations. >> i don't intend to get there's more in san francisco. making the rounds this morning, a 1998 interview getting hot online, dustin hoffman talking to the american film institute. he gets very emotional talking about his role in the 1981 film "tootsie" he had an different idea about how he viewed women after he put on that costume and hair and make up the first time. >> i was shocked that i wasn't involved in the politics. or the specifics of policy. but i do hope there is a positive resolution to the debate. >> reporter: and the former president and his staff understand that by being this visible, he is certainly lending his weight and his political credibility to this issue. the obama white house has welcomed his comments today and is also putting out lots of wildfires -- burning out of control across several western states this morning. more attractive and i said now you have me looking like a woman. now make me a beautiful woman because i thought i should be beautiful if i was going to be a woman. i would want to be as beautiful as possible and they said to me that's as good as it gets and i know that if i met myself at a party i would never talk to that character because she doesn't fulfill physically the demands that we're brought up to think we have to -- that women have to have in order for us to ask them
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two of the biggest are in nevada. more than 800 firefighters are battling a 15,000-acre fire north of las vegas. more than 500 residents have been evacuated there. and finally, a delivery that has been 39,000 years in the making has arrived at the exhibition hall in japan. it's an amazingly well-preserved woolly mammoth with most of its fur ins you see there. the female nicknamed yuka was and researchers were able to extract some of its blood, out. there's too many interesting women i have -- i have -- i have not had the experience to know in this life because i have been brainwashed. >> you hear a tremble in his voice. >> he gets very emotional. he actually has to take a breath there, you see, to collect himself. but, you know, when you watch that movie he said it was not a comedy for him. most of us thought it was a great film and really funny but leading to speculation that scientists might try to clone the extinct animal. jurassic park meets ice age. >> looks good. thanks, natt. >> mike bettes back with a check of the local forecast. >> more thunderstorms today but nothing like overseas where there is epic flooding in china. the szechuan province, check this out, homes collapsing, some there's such a touching message in the movie and what he was saying was so touching in the sense that somebody like tootsie would have been overlooked by people and you would have passed her on the street and not even taken a second glance and he felt that he misjudged and didn't give people the time of day and was brainwashed as he said. >> that's absolutely true. it's human nature. >> we're guilty of it. >> somebody that looks a certain way grabs your attention. that's just a reality of human nature but unfortunately i
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of the worst flooding in years. bridges washed out. in the u.s., storms that could produce flooding, nothing like that we hope. from upstate new york through the ohio valley and mississippi valley, watch for storms today, most likely hail, wind and down bursts, which at times could be more damaging than even tornadoes. we have scattered storms across the southeast. the heat is on in dallas, where you'll be 102 today. very pleasant in the upper midwest. 83 in minneapolis. we have your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. think -- as you get older you see things more important and you are more mature and meet people you may not have met when you were younger that were smart or funny or interesting or have a cool job or life story. >> you hear and get so much more his shirt gives 20 meals. and his bike gives three hundred and twenty. so now sarah gets lunch. a family gets dinner. and lots of people smile. mike did a great thing. and the people he feeds will too. thanks mike. enjoy the bike. of the history of a person as you age. you just kind of look past the sup sup superficial and get into the heart and soul of that person. >> very cool moment there. >> have you heard of phomo. >> i heard about it 42 minutes ago. >> me too. we don't suffer from fomo which is a fear of missing out but a lot of people do. people are concerned that others appear to be having more fun and rewarding experiences than them. i guess all of this comes from our reliance on social media. obviously people posting all of their great vacations and things that they're doing on facebook triggers the facebook envy we also talked about. >> right or tweeting from an
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7:11 wednesday morning. i'm christina loren. before you judge, your temperature and your city, we're getting into mid-july. these are very comfortable readings. right about average for this time of year. the good news is, we're done with that triple digit heat at least for the next ten days. 87 degrees, livermore. 77 fremont. 64 in san francisco today. good news is we're going to keep you cool, no major temperatures swings in the extendedr and that is a look at your weather. event where a lot of people are and you're not. >> missing out. what's going on right now i'm missing out on? >> it's a study -- one of these studies we talk about. 56% of are afraid of missing out on life events and important status updates. 27% of the people in the survey said they go to social media when they first wake up to make sure they haven't missed anything overnight. >> these are people are all ages. it's not just the under 20 set we're talking about here. >> right. now here is savannah. >> mike, thank you. new details this morning on the murder case against jailed nfl star aaron hernandez. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest on this story. steph, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. more than 150 pages of court documents are shedding light on how investigators closed in on hernandez as their prime suspect. aaron hernandez still sits in a massachusetts jail, without bail, after pleading not guilty to murdering oden lloyd. but the investigation has spread absolutely. >> at some point in our lives we have all experienced a little bit of this. you're not invited to that party and everybody else is going, right? >> i used to have a thing in college where i could not start writing a paper until everyone else in the house was in bed because i wouldn't be sitting there on the computer knowing great things were happening outside. so i started about 2:00 in the morning. 7:30 run in, hand them. it was a c effort. >> look where you are today.
7:13 am
well beyond massachusetts. a search warrant filed in florida describes how carlos ortiz, one of the men believed to be with hernandez the night of the murder, is closely cooperating with investigators. the warrant, obtained by nbc news, was filed for a home belonging to the mother of the other man alleged to be there that night, earnest wallace. >> he has been charged with ack social securi sessre after the fact. >> he fled to florida after the murder and eventually turned himself in, pleading not guilty >> i graduated. i have the diploma. we don't need to talk about the numbers. i was just catching up to yolo and now fomo. >> i'm missing out on the lying. >> there is a australian man that's going to revolutionary the english language. he created a symbol for the word the. >> that saves you so much time. to an accessory to murder charge. ortiz told them hernandez and lloyd argued in the car, just minutes before the shooting. but according to ortiz, they made up by shaking hands. when they pulled into an industrial park just a mile from hernandez's home, ortiz told police, everyone but himself got out of the car. mr. ortiz explained that he then heard gunshots. and mr. hernandez and mr. wallace got back into the vehicle without mr. lloyd. according to the document, ortiz >> the idea here that it would be like for and and it would appear on a keyboard and you could hit it instead of writing the word the. >> write. two extra characters on twitter it would take up but then imagine when you're tweeting or -- you have to then go to the symbol function and that takes -- he's saying it's going to make people more efficient, i think if anything it's the opposite. you to double click to get the symbol signs. >> he's investing 75,000 dollars
7:14 am
was unable to determine who had had fired the gunshots, because of the darkness. o shooting mr. lloyd. >> ortiz gave the government their case. he created the building blocks of this case. he is the one that said all of these search warrants into motion. >> reporter: all of this as a massachusetts court released the of his own money. he now has this app that you can download to your keyboard that will put the symbol on. >> let's practice and see how long it takes us. >> you wouldn't be writing it hopefully. >> i think you have the time to knockout the e at the end maybe. >> i think that's ridiculous. just take the extra time. >> i'm going to sound old again but when you get the e-mails or the texts with just the r or the u, i always say to myself was it previously sealed search warrant for hernandez's house giving a look at the early days of the investigation. the player told police parked outside his house that he had seen lloyd up his way yesterday and then became argumentative and asked what's with all the questions. after hernandez gave officers his lawyer's business card, he slammed the door and relocked it behind him. in the warrant an investigator notes mr. hernandez's demeanor did not indicate any concern for the death of the person. hard to write the y and the o before the u? >> on twitter it does save you. you only have 140 characters to express you're. >> that's true. >> so ru saves you a lot. >> i'm not sure the th is going to catch fire but we'll let it play out. >> it's $75,000 investment. we'll see where it goes. >> must have money to burn. >> apparently you're a big hit with mel b. >> i love her. >> she was here filling in for
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he is due in court in a few weeks. his attorneys have not commented citing a gag order in the case. ortiz is being held after pleading not guilty to a weapon's charge. his lawyer had not returned a message seeking comment. thank you very much. new overnight developments in the search for the nsa leaker edward snowden. is he heading for asylum in venezuela. jim is in moscow covering this story. jim, good morning to you. me and she had a lot of great things to say about you on access live. take a listen. >> you were just on the "today" show with our friend willie g. who we love. >> i love him. he's a sweetheart and he has a dirty sick kind of humor. >> he does which he can't do at 9:00 a.m. >> i love that man. he was whispering in my ear a few things. >> dirty, sick humor. whispering in her ear. what am i missing? >> these are false accusations. we had some conversations in >> reporter: hey, matt. well, agrgreenwald, the journal that broke the scandal said venezuela is the likely choice for asylum but the next move could take hours, days or even weeks. even if fugitive edward snowden chooses venezuela as his future destination his worries have just begun. how does he get from here, a sealed off floor in a moscow commercial breaks that were frank and honest and open. >> spicy with the spice girl. >> i just learned the history of the spice girls. it was a -- >> we'll leave it at that. >> enlightening. she was great though. >> come back any time melb. >> absolutely. mike bettis is in for al. >> i'll embarrass my wife. i'll ask her what's the first concert you ever went to and she said the spice girls.
7:16 am
airport hotel without being nabbed along the way. >> he can start by praying and begging mr. putin. those are his best options right now. >> flight 150 to havana would be the easiest way but it's risky. flying through u.s. and european airways. easy prey for law enforcement. it maybe safer but 15,000 miles long. across the pacific. so shout out to the spice girls and shout out to alaska. it is your birthday today. what are you doing special for your birthday. >> i'm on the "today" show for my birthday. >> we feel very honored then. happy birthday. let's show you what is going on with tropical storm chantal. we don't get tropical storms in alaska but we do get them down here in the caribbean. this is a place we're going to watch. it's going to be the dominican republic and haiti. tropical storm warnings right now. it weakened a little bit. not as strong as yesterday. doable only in a very large plane. no wonder snowden is still mulling over other countries, bolivia, iceland. where ever he goes there's still the problem of travel documents. his u.s. passport cancelled and even if he makes it to venezuela or other south american havens there's the extradition issue. all of these countries have treaties with the u.s. another mine field. >> the odds are probably stacked against him getting to south america. he can do it but it's a long 45 miles per hour winds and quick westerly movement around 29 miles per hour. there's the track as it takes it through cuba and by late week, early next weekend it will pair 9:10 now. good wednesday morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. here the bay bridge, mostly cloudy conditions, hey that means we will see a nice, cool day right at the coast, warm inland, taken your temperatures down three to five degree buys
7:17 am
shot. >> reporter: snowden's applied to 27 countries for asylum. no response yet from half of them. >> i suspect from his perspective it's not worth pursuing these options until he know what is the end game is. >> reporter: a game with so much at stake and time running out. meanwhile, nbc news producer mary murray learned that venezuela apparently sent a plane already from the private airstrip to here in russia with yesterday. 79 in santa theresa, 77 beautiful conditions on the eastshore today in fremont and temperatures are going to stay steady all the way through this weekend. you can get outdoors, it's not going to be too hot. might see a couple mountain thunderstorms this afternoon. some folks joining us from ohio today. >> ohio. >> what exactly did mel b. venezuelan security on board. things do seem to be heating up. >> moving perhaps. jim, thank you. now to the video released by the cleveland kidnapping victims giving the world a chance to see and hear from them for the first time. nbc's kate snow has more on why the women decided to open up now. kate, good morning. >> good morning. that video has been viewed more than a quarter million times on nbc it went vital on youtube and was trending all day tuesday on twitter. it was the women's idea to speak out after nine weeks and by reveal to you. >> a gentleman never hears secrets and tells. >> a lot of spice in the spice girls. >> they're a fun group. >> he let it all hang out in the hang over. ken is here to tell us about his movie where he is safely animated and clothed. that's after this. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪
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going public so soon they may also be changing the way survivors choose to communicate. >> first and foremost, i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. >> reporter: the video was is shot last week in a law office. every detail managed and carefully scripted. >> but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> i think the advantage of it is that you get to control the message. you get to put out what you want to say first. >> reporter: crisis [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber in those mini-wheats® biscuits... to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! communication strategist dan hill says releasing their own video meant the women could shape the way their story is told. >> this video focuses almost entirely on positive things. they didn't dive deep into what they went through, the ordeal, the trauma. >> reporter: a new type of message for a 24/7 media world. think of elizabeth smart, silent for seven months before speaking to katie couric on date line. those fun little biscuits. your skin can grow more beautiful every time you wear it. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. neutrogena® cosmetics. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. don't punish yourself, it's my fault.over. of course it's your fault and i'm not punishing myself. i'm having dannon oikos zero per cent fat yogurt;
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jaycee due guard it was almost two years. >> there's going to be more for people to step out and speak up earlier in situations. >> reporter: for mental health experts that raises the question, how soon is too soon. >> i have to say that part of me wonder what is the motivation is. a lot of times we see women that come out of these situations don't feel comfortable speaking until much later but at the same time i wonder if there a benefit to these women choosing to speak twice the protein of regular low fat yogurt. that's what makes it so thick, rich. oh,.. this is kate... already? my sister... and that was my mother. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt, too delicious to be so nutritious. and try new rich creamy dannon oikos dips. so dippin' good. ♪ dannon. body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its breakthrough formula changes everything. out at this time. >> reporter: the doctor says it's all about empowerment and sending a strong message. >> being able to retell the story says i'm a survivor and i'm still here and it's also sending the message to the public but the perpetrator to say you didn't damage me or ruin my spirit. i'm still alive. >> reporter: by saying they still want their privacy they're setting clear boun drdaries. dove. this is care. its breakthrough formula changes everything. olive garden's 2 for $25 is back. unlimited salad and breadsticks. two appetizers to share. then choose two summer entrees. like new tuscan garlic chicken. 3 courses, 2 people just $25. go olive garden! but lately she's been coming in with less gray than usual. what's she up to? the new root touch-up by nice'n easy has the most shade choices, designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes.
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what they have done is feed the media beast. now there's less pressure to get the first shot of them and maybe people will back off and they'll be able to continue their recovery. >> i hope so. they get the peace they deserve. thank you very much. coming up, tempers flare at the george zimmerman trial. why the judge stormed out and the lights went off as the defense prepares to wrap it's case today. medical marijuana for kids. would you give it to your sick child. do the results outweigh the with the new root touch-up, all they see is you. is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? ♪ all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. risks? but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ] this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. what would you do if i told you all this produce is from walmart? wow! is it really? (laughter) find fresh peaches and all your quality produce. backed by our 100% money back guarantee. walmart. ken jeong secured his spot
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as one of hollywood's favorite activities tors with his unforgettable roll in the hang over franchise. now ken is getting more animated in his latest role. he is the voice of a shop owner who, by the way, is a woman in the new film turbo. good morning. >> good to see you. thanks for having me again. >> did you know you were going to play a woman when you signed on to the role. >> yeah that's what attracted me to it. >> okay. >> they said you'll be in an animated film and what gender again? women, i said i'm in. perfect. i was saying to you before we came on the air, i hear a hint of leslie chow in the character's voice. is that fair. >> very fair. it's chow embodies in a m
7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
i got a trunk, you know, a makeshift trunk from the hang over, popped out of it naked just to get into the character. but then i made it family clean and family friendly. that's important. i'm not a dummy. i think these things. >> smart man. one of the great things about your story that's come out since the hangover came out is that you are a doctor and you have been a doctor for a long time and just sort of turned on the switch and decided i'm going to go into comedy. your wife is still a doctor. >> still practices, yeah. >> how has this changed your life. going from emergency rooms to movie studios. >> hangover just changed -- it's the reason i'm here talking to you today and my wife actually -- i was actually afraid to quit my day job because i -- i knew realistically as an actor it's fickle. it's feast or famine and i -- it was because of my wife. she believed in me more than i did. i really owe her everything and
7:25 am
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7:26 am
the power to lose weight like never before. join now for $1. offer ends july 27th. the weight watchers 360 program. into time 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. ntsb continues its investigation of asiana airlines flight 214. we know two flight attendants ejected from the plane, found seriously injured on the runway. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ntsb chairman hersman revealing the landing gear struck the seawall first, followed by the tail of the aircraft. the commanding pilot was serving as an instructor for the very first time. meantime, the president of the asiana airlines now in the bay area, dealing with that investigation. he's expected to go to sf general hospital to talk to survivors. it's not known what time he will towelly show up. he has apologized to the ♪ hago que lo imposible sea posible, ♪ ♪ que todo lo increíble se vuelva visible, ♪ ♪ tres, dos, hola, ula... ♪ aplaudan en la luna. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula,
7:27 am
families of the two teenagers, those girls that were killed in the crash. >> we've learned which one of the two teens may have been inadvertently run over by a san francisco fire truck after the crash. identifying the girl as 16-year-old ye mengyuan. an official coroner's report on the girl's death is not expected to be released for at least a few weeks. right now, a look outside and a check on the wednesday forecast. good morning to christina loren. just to tell you our products get the job done. instead, we give you a free red robin kids meal or appetizer, like towering onion rings, when you join scott shared values. sign up at ooh,, hot! sign up at invents our ultimatereal expertise sulfate-free system for curly hair. new l'oreal evercurl. free of sulfates. our nourishing formulas with oils deeply moisturize every twist and turn. so curls are soft, beautifully defined. new l'oreal evercurl. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. help you get over the hump today. wednesdays can be tough. weather on your side. 59 concord. 58 oakland. 62 sunnyvale. noon today, temperatures 60 and 70s. fremont 77. great for outdoor plans there today. 87 in livermore. 87 fairfield. highs in earlier today because we're expecting cloud cover from the south that will limit the for a strong bag that grips the can... ♪ get glad forceflex. small change, big difference.
7:28 am
sunshine. highs right around check the drive. good morning. >> good morning. 101 looks great at 680. that's a pleasure. we'll show you on the maps, we had a crash north of 680 at 880 in the lanes, that has cleared. no further slowing. recovering. word of a new crash around shoreline, that's an issue. it is in the lanes reported over last few minutes. expect slowing through mountain view. >> we of course will have it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. the new fiber one she just graduated. and got a freelance gig... it's not going very well. time for a technology makeover. she's coming to the new samsung experience shop at best buy to spend her graduation bounty on a... new laptop, a smartphone, camera and a tablet. another local update in a half hour. i'm starting from scratch. okay, how about we get started with the laptop. here, she can find all the galaxy devices she wants. have all her questions answered. how's the battery life? it's great. this is so light. what can you tell me about this? and get personalized demos, right on the spot. and you can just browse through your pictures?... that better be a belly button. ow! which means less of this... you shocked me! ...more of this.... and this... and especially this.
7:29 am
well done, anne. now go show that freelance job the business. the samsung experience shop. the place to find the latest galaxy devices and get hands-on help. only in the best buy stores nationwide. taking a look at the headlines, the senate is taking a step toward what many hope will be lower rates for college loans. the interest rates doubled for federally subsidized stafford loans. a vote comes today on a measure that would return the rates to where they were. there's a first look at this morning at the secret cost of government snooping. according to documents reviewed by the associated press, wire caps can cost millions of dollars. verizon charges $775 per wiretap. meanwhile, they charge nothing better government access today
7:30 am
♪ it is the 10th of july, 2013, and we're back on a wednesday morning. another steamy day here in new york city. a little bit later, we will have you thinking of snow when we catch up with olympic at a. yahoo and google and microsoft turnover e-mail records for $25. >> bed bugs are posing a health concern at a number of big cities. terminex calls were up 40%. they were up in milwaukee, las vegas, columbus, ohio and baltimore. >> and philadelphia is taking customer service to new heights snowboarding legend, shaun white. inside studio 1-a, i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer and natalie morales. >> why is she trending? this morning we introduce meredith vieira. oh, no, look who's back. and jasper. >> that's not jasper. >> who is that? i still have nightmares about jasper. anyway, we're going to find out -- >> what are you doing to that dog? using an remote control drone to carry clean shirts from his store to nearby customers. it takes two people. there's the pilot and the spotter for each delivery. he said it gets people's attention. and a restaurant in connecticut is taking a big item off his menu. it offered this massive 22 pound menu.hey! yummm! totally got it all! don't forget your favorites, girls. hey girls!
7:31 am
>> why meredith is trending on websites across the country. meredith, try to control that dog. >> also, why that dog is wearing a beret. >> he's in rt. >> of course. >> this is an example of -- >> why meredith is trending. >> new show on animal planet. >> something else we're talking about, as well. because meredith's friend there, by the way, new tv channel dedicated entirely to dogs as viewers. we're going to tell you more about that. >> apparently dogs like to watch other dogs. >> tails wagging. and some parents apparently the good ol'days when we could eat as we wanted. yes, but we are not 18 anymore. sometimes if i eat as i used to my digestive system gets out of whack. it's not easy keeping it working as it should. it's easy if you enjoy an activia everyday. mmmm... delicious! with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, activia helps regulate your digestive system. put a smile back in your day! ♪ activia ♪ dannon it seems our angels stronger than ever angel soft®. with two softshield™ layers. are now giving their kids medical marijuana to treat everything from seizures to autism. but do the benefits of that outweigh the risk? we'll get into that in just a bit. >> we start this half hour, though, with some heated moments at the george zimmerman trial as the defense prepares to wrap-up its case. nbc's kerry sanders is at the courthouse in sanford, florida. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the court ended here last night at 10:00 p.m., with heightened tensions, as the judge walked it holds up better than ever. all wrapped up in a value you love. angel soft®. the softness you want, the strength you need. [ superfan ] helper help line. we're on our way. you have got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken! that's really good. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] we're here to help.
7:32 am
out of the courtroom, as the defense attorneys were still talking. now as we go live to the courtroom now, the lawyers say today will be the last day the jury hears evidence. and then the case will move to closing arguments. the jury could begin deliberations as early as tomorrow. >> first of all, i'm going to go ahead and provide the ruling on the animation. >> reporter: this morning, judge deborah nelson announced an animation created by the defense which george zimmerman's lawyers say explains what happened the good wednesday morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. 9:26. the ntsb continues its investigation of asiana airline 214 we know two flight attendants were ejected from the plane and later found seriously injured on the runway. the ntsb chairwoman saying the plane's landing gear struck the seawall first, followed by the tail of the aircraft and learned the commanding pie the loves serving as the instructor for the very first time. in the meantime, the president night zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin will not be shown to the jury as evidence. but the judge did say the defense can show it to the jury in its closing arguments. one of the last witnesses to take the stand in george zimmerman's defense, pathologist, vincent di maio. dr. di de mayo tells a story consistent with what george zimmerman says happened. >> mr. martin was over him, leaning forward, at the time he of the airlines now in the bay area now dealing with the investigation. he is expected to go to sf general hospital today to talk to survivors. it's not known yet what time he'll show up. he has already apologizez to the families of the two girls killed in the crash and learned which of the two teens may have been inadvertently run over by a san francisco fire truck after the flight crashed. the san mateo county coroner has identified the girl as
7:33 am
was shot. >> my head was on the cement. >> reporter: zimmerman told police, as they retraced the events on videotape, that martin repeatedly slammed his head into the concrete. in court tuesday, the jury again saw police evidence photos of zimmerman's head that night. >> what i'm saying is that you can get severe head trauma with actually without any marks on the head. >> reporter: zimmerman has said martin was covering his mouth during the struggle, but the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy says he found no 16-year-old yeah ming juan. an official coroner's report is not expect forward few weeks a look at weather and traffic right after this break. farmers presents: 15 seconds of smart. blood on martin's hands. >> i put my hand over that, right? >> okay, yes. >> what do you expect my hand to have on it? >> blood. >> i got on top of him. >> reporter: another issue on tuesday. zimmerman told investigators he placed martin's arms out to his sides after the shooting. but according to police reports, martin's hands were under his body. dr. di maio testified, martin could have moved, even after he was shot through the heart. >> if i'm right now reaching so you want to save on auto insurance? drive a hybrid. get good grades. lose the bling. go paperless. combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers.
7:34 am
across, put my hand through your chest, grabbed your heart and ripped it out, you could stand there and talk to me for 10 to 15 seconds. >> reporter: george zimmerman has pled not guilty to second degree murder. he says he was acting in self defense. mean time, florida law enforcement has released a public service announcement in anticipation of a jury verdict here is a portion of that. >> raise your voice. >> and knock your hands. >> we need to stand together as hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ the:28, a live look here, the golden gate bridge starting to see improvement when it comes to visibility. lots of spectators thought on the bridge. it's that natural a/c going to keep temperatures soaring today and show you san jose, a few high clouds overhead, a little hazy, good moderate air quality range and we are expecting some of those cue now low nimbus one, no cuffs, no guns. >> we can easily be arrested. >> i know your patient will be tested. >> but law enforcement has your back. >> reporter: the goal is for people to raise their voices, not their hands in the wake of this. to accept the jury's verdict peacefully. matt? >> kerry sanders in florida for us on this story. it thank you very much. lisa bloom is today's legal clouds that form over the local mountains, especially the western-facing slopes over today. isolated thunderstorms possible, 87 today, 76, bay side, 65 at the coast. stay and steady, you can make the outdoor plans every day through tuesday. check that drive with mike. >> we will look outdoors through oakland where the northbound side of 880 slows still as you are passing by the coliseum heading up into downtown but things are starting to thin out a bit now. we will look at the maps, you will see also heading toward the bay bridge via the eastshore freeway still jammed up.
7:35 am
analyst. lisa, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> vincent di maio for the defense, pathologist, seemed the main reason he was there was to determine who was on top during this argument. how did he do for the defense? >> best witness for the defense and best day for the defense. he testified that george zimmerman's story was completely consistent with all of the scientific and medical evidence. >> except when the prosecutor asked him, is it possible george zimmerman was on top, and pulling away from trayvon martin and could that cause the type of gun powder residue they found on the earlier crash at gilman has cleared to the shoulder, slow from there and golden gate fields down to about university and then things start to smooth a little bit out over thor toward the berkeley curve, bait bridge toll plaza have crowds through midday building till then, more folks heading in for the midday game of the giants. >> right it is a day game. another local news update is coming up in half an hour. have a good day. trayvon martin. he said yes. >> that's right. and he wasn't really familiar with the hoodie that trayvon martin was wearing, which is a baggy item. and his testimony was the shirt was separated from trayvon's body. perhaps that's because it's baggy and gathered at the bottom. >> the defense had argued the day before to be allowed to enter evidence that showed traces of marijuana in the blood of trayvon martin. they argued it successfully. and then didn't do it. why? >> well, a trial is a dynamic fluid situation. you have to make moment-by-moment calls. a new report found that
7:36 am
and i think ultimately as a strategic decision, they decided it wasn't worth it on balance for their case. >> all right. so now we're hearing that the defense could wrap its case today. that would mean if they do, george zimmerman probably not going to take the stand in his own defense. you like that call? >> well, for the defense, absolutely. his story is already in. the jury has heard it multiple times on videotape. why subject him to cross-examination? >> and what does the -- do each of these sides have to do in their closing arguments to make the case to the jury? >> well, the prosecution has to mexico passed the u.s. as the most obese country in the world. >> all right. >> but don't worry, twinkies are coming back next week. we are number one. >> jimmy fallon trying to get america back on top. >> exactly. >> as we prepare to inhale a feast. welcome back to today on this wednesday july 10th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie. go through all of the inconsistencies city. hey y'all. al is off. is your relationship in a summer slump? we'll heat things up with ways to rekindle the romance. >> and when you walk in someone's living room would you be able to tell the difference in what is store bought and what is diy? we'll show you how to fool everyone into thinking it's expensive. >> a lot of pounding going on over there. the help of our great friends. you only have to go to the grocery store once to feed your
7:37 am
>> hey y'all. >> south carolina. they say heat and humidity. we know heat and humidity. we don't have that in new york. in fact, things will be cooling down in the northeast but we'll watch for storms today and that will include coming from the ohio valley right into the northeast. a place like pittsburgh has been hard hit this morning and flash flooding has been a concern. flooding will be an issue from alba albany, to concord pittsburgh to columbus and down to charleston, west virginia. a slight risk highlighted in red. family for the entire week. we'll show you easy dinners using the same five main ingredients. they're working hard over there. >> first, though, the weather channel's mike bettis has your forecast. hey mike. >> good morning to you. it never ceases to amaze me how big this world is but how small it is all at the same time. talking to the folks that joined us on the plaza. i was born at st. thomas hospital in akron, ohio, where were you born. >> st. thomas hospital in akron could include down burst winds. triple digit heat in dallas. want nice weather you have to go west. southern california oh so nice this time of year. that is a look at your forecast all across the country. now a look at the forecast a litt going to be nicer here in the bay area than southern california, mike. good morning. natural air concern is the reason. why? let the fog cool you down in the city by the bay today. 64 degrees head your way. ohio. >> you have to be kidding me. in places like ohio we have a risk for thunderstorms today across the ohio valley and right down through the mississippi river valley we could watch down burst winds, hail, maybe strong winds to go along with the thunderstorms along the gulf coast including the panhandle of florida. very mild to the west. comfortable conditions and loaded with sunshine. that front pushing showers to 9:32.
7:38 am
87, not hot in the extreme east bay where temperatures can soar. 80 in san jose. room temperature down in santa cruz. that is your pick beach city. getting into the end of the week, and this upcoming weekend, temperatures steady, upper 80s. and get this, 1900 miles, 9 states, 13 years, your whole life you waited to be here. >> yes. >> and you're here. how is it. >> good. >> he keeps it short and sweet. >> matt, natalie. >> great. >> thanks very much. up next, would you give it to your kids. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. an overcast sky over the bay bridge, but happy to report once that giants game starts 1259:45, going to see a lot of sunshine in san francisco and comfortable conditions today for that big game. 63 degrees at at&t park, winds out of the west northwest, five to ten miles per hour, a cool day shaping up in the city. going to be warm, not as hot as yesterday, livermore, 87, 77 for you in fremont, staying study all the way through the extended period. this is the controversial use of medical marijuana to treat sick children. we'll talk about it. >> then a special guest joins us for trending. she happens to be trending. i think that beret will be trending before the day is out. >> what did she do with the dog? >> i don't know. more with meredith coming up. but first, these messages. ♪ i'm gonna move a mountain ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on that is a look at your weather. now, back to natalie and willie. >> thank you mike. it happens to a lot of people. after years with your significant other you get into a relationship rut and feeling bored. how do you get that spark back. >> we'll heat things up this summer. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> why summer? why is this a good time? >> i think during winter your relationship goes into hibernation a little bit. i did a study and 50% of people say that they are bored in their
7:39 am
♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft singles have no artificial flavors and they're always made with milk, so you can be sure there's no single thing better when you're grilling up a burger. ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] pin for your chance to win a weber grill at relationship. so i think that summer is a great time to do new things, to shake off the boredom. when you get out there and have fun with your partner and do novel things it stimulates dopamine which plays a big role in romantic love. it's important to have fun and excitement. >> it sounds good but there's one problem with that. the kids are around more. dr. janet, how do you keep them busy but at the same time get yourself busy. >> as much as you focus on your [ female announcer ] pin for your chance to win a weber grill we're pregnant! honey! what? we're pregnant! we're pregnant? yeah! you're going to be a mom! you're going to be a dad! there's a little baby in there? there's a human being growing inside your stomach? yeah! now what? i don't know? what? introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. kids you also have to focus on your relationship. not only physical intimacy putting that sex and fizzle back but emotional intimacy. one of the easiest ways to connect is be nice to each other. we forget about that because we're so focused on everything else but show affection and kindness. >> and the key with the kids around, lock on the bedroom door. get a padlock if you have to. whatever it takes. >> you know what else, wear them down during the day. get them to bed early. it's long summer nights.
7:40 am
from the brand new moms trust. it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! be selfish with those. >> as parents we feel guilty. moms we're not spending enough time with the kids but the fact is we need to focus on our relationship. lock that door. do whatever you have to do to get the one-on-one time with the significant other. >> it's also important to wear the kids out but even engage in family activities all together. that creates a little spark. >> i sometimes will do a fun family activity like bowling or minigolf but bring a babysitter. we'll split off and regroup with the kids. you have to get creative with your time. >> i never thought of bowling as a turn on. >> if you have a lock on the bedroom door. >> it reminds you why you are together and when you're with the same person you forget what brought you together in the first place. talking about how you met and why you love each other is important. >> we have great e-mails. our first letter comes from tiffany. my husband and i have been together for 13 years. we have two beautiful little
7:41 am
girls. i love my husband so much but we both work two yjobs. i'm 31 years old and feel like i'm in my 70s. what can i do to spice up my love life before it's too late. >> go out with other families. take a three day weekend. you can rotate who is going to watch the kids. again it's like get the kids out in a group, in a pack. get yourself sometimes with other adults that you trust around your kids and be able to break off as a twosome. may attach and make a meal of us. she just graduated. and got a freelance gig... it's not going very well. >> and the fact that she still loves her husband is so important because passion is the key to desire. tell him i love you. we need to spend time together. let's plan it. as ian said, new lingerie, whatever, just to get the spark going. >> toys. >> exactly. just to get the spark going. >> make the effort. >> okay. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, can you tell the difference between expensive store bought furniture and perhaps some do it yourself items? we'll put ourselves to the test
7:42 am
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7:43 am
controversy tied to medical marijuana. it's legal in 17 states and some parents are using it to treat their very young children. dr. nancy snyderman, good morning to you. >> we talked about it for adults for a long time but doctors, parents and communities are getting behind this for children. it's a controversy that is not going to go away. this mother is making a drug deal, buying marijuana. >> is this all for you today. how'd you know? ♪ ♪ haircolor is propelled into a new era. garnier invents olia... our first ammonia-free permanent haircolor, powered by oil. a major technological breakthrough. oil can do more than condition hair... olia propels color deep inside the hair. maximum color performance. visibly improves and restores hair. 100% gray coverage. pure, luminous, vivid color. haircolor will never be the same. olia creneatw ed by garnier. >> yes. >> reporter: but this sale is not for her. it's for her ten-year-old son and it's all perfectly legal. this pot is being grown specifically for zaki jackson in colorado by a team of brothers that legally grow medical marijuana and process it for him into a special syrup for sale at their drugstore. she says this is saving his life. when she was six months old he was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that causes life threatening seizures. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. olive garden's? 2 for $25 is back. what? unlimited salad and breadsticks. two appetizers to share. then choose two summer entrees. like new tuscan garlic chicken. 3 courses, 2 people just $25.
7:44 am
>> he was having 60 to 250 seizures a day. he would stop breathing. you know, all the air leaves his lungs and he does not take another breath until that seizure is over. >> reporter: she tried 17 medications and treatments. nothing worked. desperate heather made a tough decision to try one last doctor's recommendation. >> we are christians. we are conservative and we're using medical marijuana. so that is a big hump for people to get over. go olive garden! to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ >> reporter: heather says the results were immediate. >> i probably stared at him for a good three hours after his first dose and then i fell asleep. i didn't feel any seizures after his first very dose. >> reporter: he has been seizure free for nine months. in 17 states, kids are able to get medical marijuana to treat everything from autism to cancer to seizures. >> their lives are changed. they can eat, they can put on weight. they can sleep and have a normal i win! what's in your wallet? [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber in those mini-wheats® biscuits... to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw!
7:45 am
childhood. >> reporter: the marijuana plant, also known as cannabis can dive down nerve cell stimulation and stop seizures without getting kids stoned. and that's because medical marijuana can be bred with a low level of thc, the compound that gets you high. but critics include the american academy of pediatrics which says that growers are jumping the gun because this remedy has not been clinically tested. >> it's not enough just to those fun little biscuits. whoo! hey there, guys! can i grant you any wishes today? well, i wish i knew what my little guy was saying. easy! come on, guys -- i can totally read that giant navigation screen. you're just driving around in circles until i fall asleep. well, i have a surprise that will get us home pretty quick. [ sniffs ] [ coughs ] crack a window...please. gladly. [ male announcer ] the 2013 rav4. toyota. let's go places. believe that something is going to be a good medication. you need to test it. a couple of generations ago people were recommending tobacco. even physicians as a good method of relaxation seems unbelievable now. >> is your concern that if someone has a medical problem in their child and they turn to marijuana they're swapping one problem for another. >> i think that they are putting their child at risk of long-term consequences of marijuana use that we don't fully understand. have you ever wanted to redo an entire room but you don't
7:46 am
>> reporter: still heather says it's worth it because after a decade she can finally get to know her son. >> we never really got to meet zaki because he started having seizures so early. zaki is funny and charming and loving. it's been nice to see him come awake. >> no one is saying this is a first line drug of choice but increasingly as children need the solutions for problems, the traditional medicine isn't have the money or you think it's going to look like you did it yourself? >> all you need is inspiration and the right materials and you'll be able to fool everybody at a fraction of the cost. she is the founder of style me pretty good morning. good to see you. >> i'm happy to be here. >> you'll put us to the test in a second. what do you need to do first? >> your best friends are your local craft store and hardware store. they have all of the materials you need to construct whatever project you're going to be working on. >> you can do it yourself without making it look diy. treating, increasingly parents are turning to this avenue. we won't see the fda step in and have clinical trials but it's not going to go away. because it's in 17 states this is a trend in this country. >> thought provoking piece. thank you so much. coming up next, the new tv network that will have audiences barking literally. the debut of dog tv. right after this. ♪ >> yeah. >> that's the point. we wanted to really work in objects that felt like they were cohesive in the space. that's the challenge for you guys today. to try to find which six items we crafted in our homes with our own two hands. >> there's only six. >> there's only six. the rest are all store bought. >> 45 seconds on the clock. we have to identify why. >> natalie is good at this. >> i am sadly not good at this but it will be fun. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> on your mark, get set, go.
7:47 am
♪ this is the car that loves to have fun ♪ ♪ mile after mile, to and from ♪ now there are four for all to use ♪ ♪ tell the neighbors, friends, everyone the news ♪ ♪ and let's hum, hum, hum, hum ♪ let's hum ♪ a prius for everyone ♪ [ male announcer ] now get 0% apr financing for 60 months on the prius liftback, the number 1 selling hybrid. with plenty in stock, you can drive one home today. ♪ a prius for everyone >> all right. that's diy if i have ever seen it. >> upside down diy. >> get away from my diy. >> um. >> i think you made that. >> okay. good. definitely made that. >> don't cheat. with olay regenerist eye and lash duo. the serum instantly thickens and defines lashes. the cream smooths and softens the look of lines. ♪ so wow! another eye opener from olay. so do tire swings! this is our ocean spray cran-lemonade. it's good, old-fashioned lemonade. only better! whoa! [ splash! ] ocean spray cran-lemonade. a bold twist on an old favorite. >> got one more. one more. >> you guys are doing good. >> okay. >> oh. >> nice work. order. good. it's not a slam dunk. i have to tell you. it's not a slam dunk but you did well. the first one you both got correct are the benches. we got these for under $200 and we removed the original fabric
7:48 am
accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and with a staple gun we updated it with this really fresh fabric. >> it looks professional done. the only thing that gave it a way a little bit was the seaming. >> yeah and we added gold paint to dress it up which i thought was cute. >> next up natalie, i can't believe you got this. i can't. i'm so happy. this is the trickiest one. this was actually -- i started as a vase and using a really basic lamp kit at the hardware store, it's basically this piece and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. since enbrel helped relieve my joint pain, it's the little things that mean the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. that holds the light and the wire in place. so we used the lamp kit to turn this very simple vase into a lamp and then made it sparkle. >> all my years of hgtv watching paid off. >> do you save that much money because i look at that and say i'm going to buy the lamp. >> lamps are expensive. this was maybe a $25 project. >> okay. >> what else. >> we have this painting, the abstract. this is like channelling your inner five-year-old.
7:49 am
[ female announcer ] resisting the magical taste of silky smooth dove® chocolate is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder. >> we got that? >> yes. >> this anyone can do. you always think to yourself couldn't i do that? you can. we started with this gold leave and using a dark to light palate we went to down. you make sure you step back and see what's happening with the big picture but it was really easy. it took a couple of hours. we did it while watching the "today" show. >> how about that? is that diy. >> it's not. no that's not. that was store bought and this is the only piece on the wall is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? that is diy. >> yeah. >> what about -- >> anything else here. >> not the pillow. i'm not that good. the tray. >> so the tray is indeed. the coasters are not. the tray is a great project. we took a basic wooden tray we found at michaels and updated it with wood that you make wooden airplanes out of and we did a great pattern. if you don't want to get that busy you can do a stripe or chevron. update it with any color you
7:50 am
want. >> okay. what about over here. >> over here, up next are the vases that you both missed. >> we missed it. >> you made those. >> we made that. >> aren't they pretty and they're really, really simple. we took some cotton clothing line and just coated it with hot clue. >> i just glanced at it. i didn't look at ip up close. >> that looks good. >> it's good. >> you're picking it up and looking at it. >> if you want to get going you can do braiding and overlapping and stuff. >> that's beautifully done. all right. we're back now at 7:50. it's a competition for control over the remote control is already fierce in your house, get ready for more because a new channel for dogs is about to make it's national debut. here's kevin. >> reporter: it was bo bow wow wound to happen. right in your own living room. >> last up is the bar cart. it's diy. >> this is. >> yeah it's a computer desk we found for $50. we put a coat of paint on it and wheels on the bottom. >> it's great. >> i know this is probably my favorite. >> this is not diy. >> i knew it had to be something over there. >> i thought maybe you made this beautiful blanket. >> no. >> you fooled us all as you can see here. >> great job abby and go
7:51 am
a tv network designed not for you, but for fiddo. dog tv is a 24 hour channel tested in san diego but come august 1st will be unleashed nationwide on direct tv. >> when dogs are home alone. they're not cool with it. they suffer from stress. >> it features a series of short videos designed to relax, stimulate and expose our four legged friends to all the things they do daily. folks at the humane society in commodores. vanderbilt in the house. something else you can do yourself. three meals, five minutes. five ingredients. we're going to taste right after this. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. california say they have already found it works. >> we have noticed they have been much calmer. the goal, for you to be able to go to work and know that s r sparky isn't chewing up the furniture. >> just what i needed. somebody else on the couch hogging the remote. keep your paws off it. >> reporter: there are more than 78 million dogs in the united states so the potential audience is huge and profitable. satellite subscribers will pay [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ woman ] the technology in these pads... best creation ever! [ female announcer ] always infinity. invented with mind-blowing foam so incredibly thin, you'll be surprised it's up to 55% more absorbent. genius. always infinity. you'll be surprised it's up to 55% more absorbent. i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor,
7:52 am
$4.99 a month extra. but here in suburban chicago some wonder if it's encouraging poochs to stay put. >> we have become a nation of couch potatoes. that's our owners and our dogs. >> if dog tv is a hit. what's next? dancing with the dogs? puppy got talent? the bark? stay tuned. for today, nbc news, chicago. good idea. >> selling advertising. and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. up next, what has she done now. meredith vieira explains why she is trending all across the country. >> plus a today exclusionive. the newest invention live. it's going to change our lives. >> also bill cosby on the fierce battle over his beloved cosby show sweaters. we'll tell you how you can weigh in coming up after your local news and weather. h country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. to your kids' wet skin. neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. for full strength sun protection. don't punish yourself, it's my fault.over.
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7:55 am
humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. make something amazing. >> we're using the same five ingredients. all right over there. >> very angry they came up with three amazing meals using just five simple ingredients. chicken pasta, plum, tomatoes, pasta and fresh araruggala. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. >> now today, we're beginning with a caprise salad. this is with the pasta and sauteed chicken and arugula and
7:56 am
good morning. i'm jon kelley. san jose police investigate stit's 26th homicide this year. after midnight, police were called to a homeless shelter near the intersection of west julian and montgomery streets. officers found a man be sta stabbed to death. officers detained a man in connection with the stabbing and think both men live at shelter mozzarel mozzarella. >> it's tomatoes and mozzarella and arugula all in here. >> an then top it off with chicken. >> it's easy as that. >> easy, simple not a lot of time and it's a delicious salad to make for the whole family. >> and good left overs i would imagine as well. >> let's get into chicken and got into a fight before the stabbing occurred. all lanes of i-80 open this morning after a van crashed right into another vehicle and caught fire overnight. chp had to shut down eastbound 80 near powell street the on-ramp in emeriville for an hour. nobody was hurt during that crash. right now, let's check in with christina loren to say hello to a nice looking forecast. >> an interesting forecast for today. our temperatures are going to apartmeparm. >> let's keep it simple. we talked about five ingredients. i'm sauteing a chicken and browning it on both sides and i'll place this aside and try to use the same pan and start building my tomato sauce which is going to be onions, garlic, i'll take the tomatoes, a little salt and pepper, thank you very much. cook this now for about 20 minutes. this is what it's going to look like after it's done and then we're going to build that
7:57 am
end up average for this time of year. but we're going to see cloudsen crease, moisture from the south could bring enough instability for thunderstorms over our local mountains. highs comfortable. cooler than yesterday. humidity has increased. maybe thunderstorms best chance between 4:00 and 7:00. as head through the week, temperatures steady. >> good morning. gray but not enough to affect the roadways. speeds, number of cars, well that's starting to impact speeds upper 50s through -- well chicken. we'll start with the chicken. add the tomatoetomatoes. add that mozzarella on top. >> how much do you go with. >> go the way you want. >> and bake that until it's melted and it's done. i kept a couple of pieces of this tomato, a little left and you have pasta so here's another dish for you during the meal and add the pass to to the tomato fremont here. overall 880 drive from high ward, fremont. milpitas speeds into the upper 50s. northbound through south bay slowing. north 280, 285 continue to build. 101 an issue, a crash the second of the morning, at shoreline. that moved quickly to the shoulder. slowing from san jose to santa clara approaching the scene. >> we will have another local update coming in one half hour sauce. >> right on top. beautiful. >> looks good. >> back row. what are you looking on? >> same five ingredients. natalie you're doing a great job pounding. >> we like to tenderize the chicken. >> two playlayers of plastic. >> in the same pan i'm going to put garlic and anthony would you throw my pasta? a little pasta with garlic and olive oil. so you'll finish here.
7:58 am
from now. back at 8:26. hope to see you then. good morning! wow. i'm going to move down here. >> now when you say you want chicken and a salad, there you go. we're going to use these ingredients raw. tomato, mozzarella and olive oil. a little lemon juice. >> what's the right ratio. >> 3 to 1. olive oil to lemon juice or red wine vinegar is nice. salt and pepper. mix it up and then we just top want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... it right over our chicken cutlet and anthony could you give me some of the nice pasta. throw in a little red pepper on your pasta. >> delicious. >> and isn't that a wonderful meal. >> looks beautiful. >> great summertime meal. keeping it light. >> keep the family happy. >> mom do you have a favorite? >> i make all of these recipes at fresco restaurant. so come see us. >> absolutely. guys, thank you so much. >> thank you guys. >> recipes by the way on our
7:59 am
♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. website. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars
8:00 am
it's my 13th birthday. >> happy birthday. >> i remember the "today" show being on since i was a little girl. >> it's my first time to the made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. today show and to new york city. >> welcome. we're happy to have you. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. 10th day of july, 2013. giving our crowd a little face time on a hot monday morning here in the northeast. always happy to do that. on the plaza i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. coming up we have a familiar face here this half hour. meredith vieira is back and she is always trending in our mind but she is going to tell us why
8:01 am
she is racking up hits online all across the country. >> all right. also another familiar face here. his inventions are revolutionary and legendary. sir james dyson has a brand new never before seen gadget. what does it do? we'll be the first to test it out. >> i've seen it. it's a flying broom. it's fantastic. >> i thought it was a piano that vacuums. there's an idea. >> also ahead a medical marvel. we'll meet a man that actually where. still to come, kathie lee and hoda. who new -- i have chicken parm in my mouth. >> it's good. they have what the what plus why a lot of men and women are talked doctors through his own brain surgery by playing guitar during the procedure. we'll explain what that was about. >> and we'll have a little july madness in the sweater department. bill cosby is here to tell us about the competition he is having online to pick the ugliest cosby sweater but first he has to get ready for his close up. >> what is this. >> it's bronzer but liquid when it comes out. >> well, i'm not going to do afraid of commitment. that's coming up
8:02 am
that. >> make up tips. >> no bronzer. >> we'll talk to dr. cosby in a little while. we have a lot to get to. let's check the top stories. >> natalie morales is standing by. >> good morning everyone. new details have emerged about what happened in the cockpit just before the crash of asiana flight 214 in san francisco on saturday. investigators say the pilots were using automatic throttles to maintain their speed before landing but they realized too late that they were flying too slowly and were not properly lined up with the run way. the ntsb cautions that it is too early to speculate on the exact cause of the crash which claimed at least two lives. officials have now opened a criminal investigation into sunday's oil train inferno in canada that killed at least 15 people and left dozens missing. police in quebec have ruled out terrorism but not the possibility that someone could have tampered with the train before it derailed near the maine border and burst into both men live at the shelter. lanes of interstate 80 are open in emeryville.
8:03 am
flames. the 19 arizona firefighters killed by a wildfire were honored tuesday at a memorial service attended by thousands including vice president joe biden. miguel reports from prescott, arizona. >> reporter: the tribute honored their lives and their sacrifice. >> wade, scott parker. >> 19 fallen firefighters that look at this. a car caught fire overnight. no one was hurt in that crash. let's check the wednesday forecast. >> temperatures at 12:45, first pitch, 63 degrees out there at at&t park, beautiful conditions, catch that game on our sister fought and died together. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: dan was their chief. >> if i could fulfill my fondest wish it could be that my tears would wash away the pain and loss that we all feel. >> reporter: the granite mountain hot shots were a band of brothers that saved homes and battled blazes where ever they were called. >> an elite unit in every sense station, comcast sports net bay area. elsewhere, 87 in livermore, 79, redwood city, 64 as the forecasted high in the city today. good news is temperatures hovering right around average all the way throughout the extended period. take a look at your drive and see how that is doing with mike inouye. >> the eastshore freeway eastbound is completely opened after that overnight fire but let's look at the cleanup that's going on right next to where it says denny's there, that's where denny's is the freeway itself, you see the pound ir, proceeded
8:04 am
of that phrase. >> reporter: last week they were in their own backyard when a fire storm swept over them. only one man in the team survived. the crew look out was a mile away. he read the hotshot prayer. >> lord bless my hotshot crew, my family, one and all. >> reporter: a city, a state, a country remembers the granite mountain 19. nbc news, prescott, arizona. to clean up some of the absorb bent left over after the fire, reports of oil on the roadway. right now, that was the eastbound direction, slowing westbound, the arrow past the racetrack, we do have a little slowing still, the focus of your eastshore slowing and easy drive to the berkeley curve. the backup at the poll plaza light. the metering lights are on. and not just at the south bay, northbound routes an issue at mountain view. 85 northbound has a crash clearing at the shoulder as you come up to sunnyvale. at least 21 people were injured last night when a second story deck collapsed on to a ground level patio at a north carolina beach house. the injuries included cuts and broken bones. a dangerous fall caught on tape could have ended tragically if not for the bystander that came to the victim's rescue. video shows a man in a wheelchair accidentally rolling off the edge of the train platform. fellow riders jumped on to the >> we will be back at 10:26. see you then. [ glenn stonebarger ] we are a family farm.
8:05 am
tracks and pulled him to safety. the man suffered a broken wrist. and a scooting dog is normally a bad thing unless you're talking about normal the wonder dog. the three-year-old french sheepdog is training to set a world record by riding a scooter 98 feet unassisted. norman loved scooters since he was a pup. he's got style. i think he's got it. 8:05. let's go back out to matt and she has been around corn her entire life, so she's probably been around corn longer than i have. [ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. savannah. what else will they think of. >> a dog's world. mike bettis is in for al all this week, al -- i mean, mike. >> we have follow action here from michigan and ohio. jodi, -- they are. >> you haven't lived until you've had a burger from swentons. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪
8:06 am
>> yeah. >> you've had showers this morning but not in rochester, minnesota, hello to everyone watching us on kttc tv. sunny and mild today. 78 degrees and low humidity. watching the storms rumbling through the middle of the country into the northeast. watching storms from little rock arkansas up into upstate new york. that means a chance for hail, high winds and very muggy conditions here but oh look how nice it looks in the upper midwest and northwest. temperatures in the from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. by that we mean you. it's wines day wednesday, it's july 10th. we're delighted you're with us today. people have choices you know, hoda. they could watch other stuff, but they don't. well, thank you, mr. bettes. good morning to you. taking a live look, we have high clouds over san jose, not getting the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday and the clouds will increase as we heads through the afternoon. 80 in san jose, to could see isolated thunderstorms in the western-facing slopes around san hose say thatth afternoon. temperatures dropping off from yesterday. 64 in san francisco, hoping to stay nice and level all the way through this upcoming weekend. hope you have a great wednesday. especially those college kids out there. >> we love them. love you guys. >> tweet us, please. >> i'm only going to complain for one second, then we can start the show. >> about the bills that are coming in? >> no, not that. yesterday i had a honor to speak at the national journalism conference, press club in d.c. >> they still consider you a journalist? >> sort of. look at these kids. great. had a great time. >> fresh faced and eager and want our jobs. >> let me tell you something, i landed just in time to give the
8:07 am
and that is a look at your weather. now here's savannah and matt. thank you very much. coming up next, why is she trending? meredith vieira is going to tell us why she is so hot online. >> and what does sir james dyson have under wraps? he'll unveil the newest invention. it will change how you do house work. >> and bill cosby on the heated competition over his famous collection of sweaters. looking good dr. cosby. speech, was supposed to be on a 5:00 flight home out of d.c., perfect, made the flight at quarter to 5:00, got on the plane, off we go on to the runway. i'm like, this is so perfect. i'm going to be home for dinner, la, la, la, la, la. then what happened was, they said, there's a little bit of a ground delay. we're going to stop here for a second. we're going to turn off the engine so we don't burn a lot of gas. click. the engine could not be but first, these messages. [ man on radio ] there's an accident on the freeway restarted. we were on the runway. they had to bring jumper cables. it took an hour. it was 100 degrees on the plane because there was no power so the doors were open. remember how hot it was? okay. they bring the jumper cables, jump the plane, yeah. >> you can jump the plane? >> yeah, oh, we're ready to go, let's go. >> la, la, la, la, la. >> no, we have to go back to the gate for the maintenance guy to check it. we go back to the gate, there's
8:08 am
that hasn't been cleared yet. ♪ uh! i just want to celebrate [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. double your chances of quitting. a plane parked at the gate, fine, we wait patiently. >> oh, my gosh! >> we get to the gate, wait a second, passengers, there's now a ground delay at laguardia for an hour and a half. >> did they start serving booze at this point? >> they gave granola bars and water. >> nobody wants that. >> nobody was interested in that. >> it's happy hour already and a granola bar ain't going to make anybody happy. >> you know what i thought about, you said something that was really telling and important for all of us, not just for me. and makes you less irritable. and after nine years of working at walmart, i know savings. and right now we've got everything you need for a great summer. this 5-piece dining set on clearance, save over $49! marco! polo! this metal frame pool on rollback, you save $80! >> i always try to. >> life isn't how you act, it's how you react. you said how you act is one thing. you can come to your job, say good morning, give to the poor, but the minute someone cuts you off in traffic, that's the real you. i was thinking of that when i was sitting there, because i started to go crazy in my head. someone move this bag of bolts up in the air. >> so i can get my egyptian -- home. >> that's what i wanted to do. bottom line was everyone was really calm. i was so surprised.
8:09 am
woo! fire up the savings. this 4 burner grill on rollback, you save $11. how bout all these bikes on rollback? like this mongoose adult bike, you save over $20! get more summer for your money at walmart's super summer savings event going on right now at your local walmart. she can't control herself around chocolate. she'll devour you. really? yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us. anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ >> really? >> i was the one who was probably the most -- >> because you're a mother now. >> my dog had to go. he had to go. >> also because you know how much it's going to cost to get your dog walked one more time. >> i had no idea. >> the bills are coming in. hoda says -- ah! >> if you say i'm stuck, can you come, they do come, then they charge a late fee for booking it late. >> of course. >> it's quite the hefty bill. any who. >> you have to sell that house dare to see the difference with pantene anti-breakage. reduces hair fall up to 97%. get less hair fall. ♪ i took the dare. will you? anti-breakage. pantene. to pay for your dog. >> all right. >> you had no idea how expensive motherhood is. >> no idea. we're so excited for our friend meredith vieira. this is so, so clever of her. she's getting her own new talk show, guess what it's going to be called. the meredith vieira show. she claims she didn't want it, but bologna, we know meredith. >> yes. katie was taken, she said, that was funny, and ellen.
8:10 am
your next trip is calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to now she could have oprah. oprah's gone. >> you know what, you're right. call in oprah. she'll get lots of viewers. >> a lot of viewers. oh, she's back. >> she's changed a little. >> premier in the fall of 2012. i predict a big hit. here's the thing about meredith, this is what she has that lots of people think they can do with a lot of people like meredith do, they are lacking the authenticity chip, you know, to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? they try to be like meredith, but they aren't authentic. she is completely and totally herself. what you see is what you get and people have come to love who she is, because that's who she is. >> starting in 2014, you have to wait a long time, but it's coming. in the fall. all right, so every year, if you don't read espn magazine -- if you don't read espn magazine. >> i don't on a regular basis,
8:11 am
back now, 8:10 with what's trending today. these are the hottest stories online. one of the hottest stories online meredith vieira. trend setter around here. proving it again. she has been a top search subject for the last day or so. >> wow. >> trending. >> announcing that you're going to be hosting your own daytime but you might want to look at this one, it's called the body issue. >> it's the naked athletes. it must be the biggest selling, we're guessing. >> look here. >> let's live here. >> 77-year-old -- that's frank's body, actually, with gary player's head on it. >> this guy's a golf legend. he's gotten the most attention out of all the bodies because he is 77. he works out a lot. does 1200 crunches every morning. he can squad 250 pounds. talk show. >> get out. are you serious. >> nice to see you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you got tired of spending time with the family? what happened. >> they got tired of you. >> exactly. no i took a couple of years and finally my husband said what are you going to do? >> what do you hope the show is? >> it really doesn't matter what i hope the show is? >> what would you like it to be. >> you said the three hs, the heat, the heart, the humor. >> yeah and a lot of nudity. >> wow. >> any way -- >> i can squat that, too, i just can't get up afterwards. i can do it. it's the getting up. >> he says the secret to all this is to keep your body moving, moving, moving. >> good for him. he wants to encourage young people to take an interest in fitness. >> we have some other bodies up here. >> let's look at them. >> kerri walsh jennings posed before and after her baby. that's beautiful. >> she's the type of person that
8:12 am
i think it will be good. >> how did you come one the title. the meredith vieira show. >> i didn't want it. they said what are you going to call it, katie? i said no. that's my name. >> is it going to be designed like your house. >> actually for the pilot we took all of my furniture. >> i've never been to your house. >> you haven't. >> i've never been invited. >> i've been there. >> i have never been to the house. >> that big holiday party. makes everybody crazy. look, she's exactly the same. >> she is. >> she's so tall. she's fantastic. that hits newsstands on friday if you're interested. did you know meredith's show is coming out in september of 2014? people go crazy over this stuff. >> all right. if you want to know what the number one baby girl name for 2013, according to this new list, here's the number one name. >> every holiday party somehow you're not around. >> but you always did it on the vacation week i took. i'm not bitter. i'm not bitter about it. never mind. let's move on. do you know that when talking about your home and your decor savannah said you're some what of a hoarder. i was like do you think all of that other stuff, that clutter. >> i have clutter but that's my home. >> what about the dog. >> no but an animal every day. imogen. >> i've never heard of imogen. >> i thought it was imma jean. >> sweet, charlotte and harper. okay. >> boys? >> boys names, asher is number one, finn is number two, declan, from that show -- >> on another network. >> what is that show? >> revenge.
8:13 am
>> when do you debut. >> 2014 which is enough time for me to change my mind. >> you'll be trending for a whole year. >> at least another half hour. >> congratulations. >> can't wait. >> instagram for the rest of this? >> that's what they told me. >> trending on, dustin hoffman is making the rounds online. it concerns the actor's oscar >> and django. which was incredibly violent. okay, if you've been -- >> makes cody and cassidy sound normal and boring, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> i got a lot of flak to call my kids that. it's a frick'n wild west show. >> a lot of people name their kids after cody and cassidy. we are going to have the nominated role in the film tootsie where his character dressed as a woman. he got emotional recalling a conversation with his wife about society's demands for physical female beauty. >> she says what are you saying? and i said there's too many interesting women i have -- i have not had the experience to know in this life because i have been brainwashed and -- that was wonderful daisy fuentes with us. she has a show that's half in spanish, half in english. it's a kids version of "the voice." we're going to have her on later on in the show, but we're going to do a game ourselves. we're going to choose the one that moves on. jessica, jennifer, and alice. >> okay. ♪
8:14 am
never a comedy for me. >> talking about when he actually dressed as a woman preparing for the roll. he walked down the street and noticed that nobody noticed him or looked at him and he felt ignored and that lead to that reaction. >> after all the years we're getting the back story of his role for that movie. >> this is a clip put out there in 1998 but it just caught on. >> remember when you watch the movie too, you know it's a guy ♪ ♪ dressed as a woman and by the end you're in love with this person. >> how do you think ms. doubtfire feels. >> yeah. >> also trending on twitter, it's july in washington when there's a broccoli brew haha. this started during the state dinner for kids. he took questions from young reporters. one asked him his favorite food. his response, broccoli. well, pretty soon the vegetable ♪ >> they are all adorable. >> by the way, there's a blake there. did you see, blake was there and so was shakira. it looked like "the voice" exactly. we should tell who we picked and find if we're wrong. >> all adorable. two are a little more experienced. the first girl is by far the most accomplished singer. >> i'm going with jennifer the second girl, just because we liked her.
8:15 am
was a top trending term on twitter with many greeting the president's claim with skepticism because you may recall that broccoli of course has been quite a history in washington. president george h.w. bush banned it from air force one declaring i am the president of the united states i'm not going to eat any more broccoli. he said the way it was prepared we're going to see who got picked. >> okay, hoda, why are you yelling? wednesday, there's something awesome coming out for dog lovers, it's called dog tv. this is so crazy. it's a channel on directv that you play for and your dog can watch other dogs having fun. >> while your dog's in a crate. >> i mean -- >> then you can get your dog a psychiatrist because your dog is unhappy. >> you know what's funny about dog tv, i have the tv on all the in his house was mushy and overdone. >> have you ever seen the president eat broccoli. >> no but i have seen him take time in my apartment because i want blake not to feel lonely when the dog walker is not there. he doesn't notice the tv is on. it's noise coming from the screen, but the one time he responded was in the movie "the proposal" when that little dog starts going after sandra bullock, that dog makes him go crazy. >> you should get marley for him. remember that movie? >> that was sad. no. no. >> he'll be grateful he's alive.
8:16 am
one bite of a burger. see, i totally believe broccoli could be his favorite. he's skinny. they're finances fanatics. >> broccoli raw is my favorite. >> yeah. >> you never invited know your house. >> so fun every summer we get out there. >> i haven't done it. there we go right there. >> thank you. i'll eat that. you're trending today. can i tell you what's going to be trending in the next few days. >> what. >> let's meet the man right now. sir james dyson is an engineer and investor and the founder of dyson. he is known for coming up with with all kinds of cool products. good to see you welcome back. >> good to see you. >> before we get to your product can we say how cool it was president obama mentioned you in a commencement address not long ago about perseverance. >> it encourages young people to everything's relative. oh, so sad about marley, but look at me, i have a mommy and i'm in a crate. trust me on this. >> by the way -- >> he's in a crate! >> he's being crate trained. not like he's stuck in there. >> 15 years he'll be in that crate. >> i did google, because i felt bad about leaving my dog. >> you should. >> there's a whole online community of people who feel terrible because people have to work and can't have people sitting there with their dogs, so they said sometimes they know they have to and do experiment after experiment. >> without further ado we have to know what you invented now. we're going to think why did we wait so long for this invention. >> more and more of us have hard floors now and what you have to do is vacuum them first to get rid of the dust and then you have to mop them to get rid of the grime and that's two machines, two chores, to cords. leave in the day and feel terrible and have someone who walks in between, but they say a lot of dogs, the owners are gone during the day and then they come home. >> how does an animal hold its bodily needs for a year or entire day? >> they have walkers or neighbors or something. they aren't there all the time. >> you need two dogs to keep each other company, hoda. >> any who. >> stop giving dates people can't remember. >> apparently, that's what everybody wants to know.
8:17 am
it's a pain. >> but you have taken care of that. >> i've been picky about this and we have come up with something we think solves the problem. >> let's see. >> i'll get rid of the red. it's this. >> what do you call it. the dyson hard and what it does is it vacuums and wipes in one path. >> wow. >> so we've got suction here and then a wet wipe and then suction here. so -- >> here's a good example. dog prints there on a linoleum another split for george clooney, we're wondering one thing. >> are there some people that aren't cut out for commitment? >> and is there anything wrong with that? >> i don't know. we'll talk about that. >> i don't know. we'll talk about that. >> wondering what's g this is anne >> i don't know. we'll talk about that. >> wonshe just graduated. and got a freelance gig... it's not going very well. time for a technology makeover. she's coming to the new samsung experience shop at best buy floor. >> yes, it will vacuum in front of the wet wipe. and the thing is the wet wipe doesn't get smoththe dust and h and stuff. >> it's noisy so we won't talk to you while it's going. >> that on the forward straight and it does it equally well on the backward straight. >> how long can you do that without changing your wet wipe. >> you can do a pretty large to spend her graduation bounty on a... new laptop, a smartphone, camera and a tablet. i'm starting from scratch. okay, how about we get started with the laptop. here, she can find all the galaxy devices she wants. have all her questions answered. how's the battery life? it's great. this is so light. what can you tell me about this? and get personalized demos, right on the spot. and you can just browse through your pictures?... that better be a belly button. ow! which means less of this... you shocked me! ...more of this.... and this...
8:18 am
kitchen. >> pretty good. >> how long did it take you to develop this thing? >> three and a half years but the key to it in my pocket is this special motor that goes at 110,000 mpr. that's four times faster than any other motor. we can get tremendous power and efficient efficientcy in a small package. that's inside here. you have the crevasses. >> how expensive is it? and especially this. well done, anne. now go show that freelance job the business. the samsung experience shop. the place to find the latest galaxy devices and get hands-on help. only in the best buy stores nationwide. all the natural energy found in peanuts? caramel works. payday. crunchy, roasted peanuts and soft, delicious caramel come together to give you sweet energy. payday. fill up and go. >> $239. it will clean your car and clean your stair. it will clean the cobwebs because in my other pocket -- dare to see the difference with pantene anti-breakage. reduces hair fall up to 97%. get less hair fall. ♪ i took the dare. will you? anti-breakage. pantene.
8:19 am
>> do you do your own cleaning. >> of course that's how i learn about these things so i can do all the cobwebs up here. >> be here all day. ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪ how'd you know? dare to whisper. color whisper lipcolor from maybelline new york. sexy, sheer color with a whisper soft feel. no oils, no heavy waxes. color whisper, sheer, soft color.. maybe it's maybelline. >> we don't do this as a commercial we do it because there's a cool factor developed to your products. when people develop cool products we'll bring those as well. thank you for being here on the show. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> all right. that is what is trending today. >> still ahead in the 8:00 block, the one and only bill cosby will join us live. but first let's send it over to natalie. thank you guys. now to a one of a kind medical procedure. a patient undergoing brain surgery at ucla hospital guiding his doctors while playing his guitar. dr. nancy snyderman is back with details. this is an incredible story. >> it sounds out of passion, music. performing is in brad carter's blood. an actor in los angeles he landed guest starring roles in some of the most popular television shows.
8:20 am
however, his true passion has always been music, playing the guitar to be exact. >> i'm a guitarist since 1988. music is my first love. i'm an actor for a living but i always have music to turn to. it's a part of your soul. >> reporter: but seven years ago brad's hands started to shake and overtime he stopped taking the stage. >> you watch all your skills and who you are as a person sort of, they're vanishing in front of your eyes. it's hard to watch that happen. and you can't do anything about it. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed him with benign essential tremor and when medications failed to stop the shaking brad decided to undergo a surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation. >> we put a pacemaker in the brain and with the stimulation we help it restore a more moral pattern of activity. >> i'm going to show you my guitar. it's handmade just for me. >> reporter: brad was awake as doctors implanted a wire inside his head and asked him to play his guitar, observing when the tremors weakened. >> the slower i play, like i'm trying to play a balance lod. the faster i play. as you may have heard, george clooney, and by the way, his mother is just fine, i never
8:21 am
>> reporter: he layaway for the six and seven hours of surgery working with the doctors. weeks after the procedure with his tremor reduced, brad is back playing the guitar. >> what this offers is hope that i didn't have before, and, you know, there's a ways to go. there's aways to go. months down the road i'll be able to record and share my said she had passed on to the great unknown, and his girlfriend have ended their two-year romance. shouldn't be a surprise, clooney has said he never wanted to get married again. >> what is it that makes a man or woman steer clear of commitment? to answer that, we've brought back the author of "get the guy," who's here with anthropologist, the smart one, helen fischer, professor at rutgers university. music. >> reporter: the cause unknown. the prognosis less shaking and a steadier hand to play the music he loves. he has returned to acting and has a role in an hbo series coming up next year. >> are there other afflictions where it might be helpful. >> it's been going on for years in parkinsons and seizure disorders. the brain doesn't have pain fibers so it's painless but they want you awake to see >> it's amazing, i keep coming back in spite of the abuse. >> some men like to be abused. >> clearly, i have some sort of issues. >> let's talk -- >> let's see about the male brain, i enjoy this. >> our fine anthropologist -- >> 40 million copies -- 400 million copies were sold of "fifth shades." >> tell us about the male brain, are they hard wired a certain way, some hard wired not to want
8:22 am
improvement and monitor it in real time and it reduces a chance of having a stroke during the surgery. >> amazing. >> send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much. we'll explain. we have an update now on something we first brought you on monday's trending segment. an online competition highlighting bill cosby's array of sweaters from his days on the cosby show. >> reporter: in his famous sitcom bill cosby was the man of 100 voices. commitment? >> we've put men and women into the brain scanner and men fall in love faster than women do because they are so visual. they want to do more public displays of affection, they want kissing in the street, want to introduce their partner to parents, friends, and family sooner. they want to move in sooner. >> they want somebody to do their laundry. >> you know, not on a down note, but men are two and a half more likely to kill themselves when a relationship is over. >> that's really something. you suffer badly. 1,000 faces. >> it was purple. purple sweater. >> reporter: and about 1 million sweaters. some might say ugly sweaters. they mirrored his mood and the show's narrative. his character was a college track star and some were so loud they spoke for themselves. the cosby sweater with it's bold, often head scratching patterns influenced a decade of questionable fashion choices. >> i make the clothes look good. >> reporter: now 30 years after their debut, they're back. >> men are very romantic, just as romantic as women. >> explain george clooney and men like him. >> firstly, to that point, the fact men will move in quicker is more to do with the fact men don't attach the same meaning to things in those stages as a woman might. >> are you sure? >> for sure. for a guy, he doesn't associate all of the same things with that moment. >> that doesn't mean i'm going to marry this girl. he's not thinking that. >> any woman who's been introduced to a man's friends and family, only a year later to
8:23 am
cosby is holding an online sweater off where fans can vote on the best of 32 iconic choices fr . it's a testament to the funny man that no matter how crazy the style, he was never up staged by his sweater. and the man himself is now joining us. dr. cosby, good morning to you. >> what do you guys have on? >> don't even get started. >> i've never felt sexier. >> what i wanted to say in that find he's never going to commit will know that. so, in terms of the clooney situation, i don't know george clooney, i don't know what he's thinking, but guys like him, firstly, what is it to be committed? right, how long was he in a relationship for, two years? >> the one before that was also about two years. >> did he cheat on either of those people? >> we don't know that and it would be rude to ask, but who knows. >> we don't know, right, and we haven't heard about it. that's a stronger form of commitment than most men make last segment, you know, about the -- i just started laughing because i was thinking about my wife, she would like to have that machine. >> the dyson machine. >> to put on my head before i go to sleep and when i wake up. >> we could arrange that. >> we love this idea, ncaa style bracket to have a competition for the greatest sweater you have ever worn. whose idea was this? even when they say they are committed. >> women are just as adulteress as men. i'd like to know who these adulteress men are sleeping with. >> adulteress women. that's going on with them, as well. >> i do a national study with a well-known dating site in the united states and only 3% of men
8:24 am
>> i think her name is camille. >> oh yeah? >> and a fellow by the name of dr. wellington chu and they had heard so much the word ugly and ugly sweater and i kept telling them when i was on the road performing that so many people would show up at a meet and greet and have the sweaters and say you recognize this and i would say yes. so wellington and ms. cosby want to be available. >> or a satisfying relationship. >> a committed relationship. some variety. >> sometimes it is lifelong. when we talk about men and their blueprint, what we are saying is what does a guy think he should be doing right now. that's all it means. if a guy, for example, just come out of a relationship, what does he think he should be doing right now enjoying himself, playing the field, having the novelty of single life. if someone comes along that week, in that moment, even if she's perfect, he's like, oh, you weren't supposed to come decided hey, you know, let's have some fun with it since they're all saying ugly. let's break them out and find out the ones that they all think happen to be the best looking. >> did you think the sweaters were ugly when you were wearing them or do you think they have been unfairly melined over the years. >> both. well, now, the ones with the along right now. >> on the other hand, this brain system is like a sleeping cat and it can wake up at any moment and make you fall madly in love and that may well happen to george clooney down the road. >> that's true, but women have to understand there's a language that gets through to men. >> 27 years, i'm not speaking the right language. i thought english would be good, apparently not. >> 27 ain't bad for commitment. i created a program called get the guy, but my new program is
8:25 am
geometric i felt that they were pieces of art and sense i'm on tv, it's a show. the people are characters, it would be interesting so that people would say -- or some people would say i like that. but you would have moving art. called keep the guy, specifically because so many people don't understand how to get through to guys. if, for example, a woman says i want to know what we are right now, that's one type of language that will scare a guy. if a woman said, listen, i need to understand what you think we are right now, because i have a lot of men asking me out and i need to know what to say to them, that's a type of language that is very different and now a guy -- >> gets into mint guarding. >> that's so engrained in us. now the others with the straight line across and things like that -- >> right. >> it's a sweater. >> yeah. well, i'm wearing the one that's the combination of the knit and the leather. >> not good. >> i'm breaking out in hives right now. >> you have it now. >> do you have shoulder pads? >> shoulder pads? >> oh yeah. >> no, i don't. and by the way, i'm taking this off immediately after we say good-bye to you. >> then he's going to take the dyson vacuum to himself. >> exactly. >> let me tell you, you can also take it back to the maker of >> women are so good at manipulating men and have been doing it for years. >> not a philanthropist. >> very generous person, as well. you seem like you would not pass a homeless person without being generous. what was i going to ask? never mind. it's a wrap anyway. we are out of time. i guess we'll see you tomorrow and thank you for visiting with us. come back.
8:26 am
this and he can do that for you in underpants. >> that will be the las good wednesday morning to you, it is 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. while there are no conclusive findings about what caused the crash of asiana airlines flight in san francisco, investigators you guys are great together. >> you're going to want to commit to sticking around for what we have next. >> i already forgot. >> all the unusual photos you [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar beginning to piece together what happened. they now say the pilots of the flight 214 relied on automated cockpit equipment to control the jetliner's speed as they land bud they realized too late they were flying too low and too slow before the aircraft crashed into the runway. two teenagers died in that crash and more than another 180 others suffered injuries. want to check our morning commute right now with mike. >> all right, folks, take a look out to the roadways, see how things are shaping up for 880 southbound coming through fremont, a smooth drive right it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. new almay cc cream is kind of a it covers, corrects, clarifies. it's makeup and skin care in one.
8:27 am
now, but still got a lot of company. look at the maps over here. you see is a slow drive south coming out of the area past union city and down into fremont, milpitas and the speeds still in the upper 50s as you travel southbound. the south bay, northbound routes are the issue. earlier crash 101 is every the shoulder, 680 a crash around montague, not an issue. north 87 at cutterer in we have a crash affecting the flow of traffic, slow heading into downtown san jose. the rest of the peninsula moves it's my look good while doing good for my skin make-up. for a strong bag that grips the can... ♪ get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. and i know savings. this metal frame pool on rollback, you save $80! and this 4 burner grill on rollback, you save $11. smoothly, laura. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. we will check the forecast then as well. have a great morning. [ wind howling ] get more summer for your money at walmart's super summer savings event. donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye!
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[ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will y gain when you lose? [ superfan ] helper help line. we're on our way. you have got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken! that's really good. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] we're here to help. oh, hey, ladies. in the mood to make something special? ♪ i sure am. ♪ you know, once you go italian, you'll never go back. [ sniffs ] mmm. ♪
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[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. [ steam hisses ] steamy. let's get zesty. it is wednesday, you know what that means -- what the what. >> time to take a look at all those photos that make you do a double take and double over in laughter. sara has the best of the bunch, we hope. >> first our caption contest. last week we asked you to submit what you thought was going on here. evette says, you are a way better date than that shih tzu down the street. we'll reveal next week's photo at the end, but the first photo comes from joe karen. shasta soda flavors. kind of an awkward abbreviation there. mary from richardson, texas,
8:30 am
submitted this photo. unsweat tea. >> just ruined my whole thirst. next up a photo from judy from columbus, ohio. flush it right down here, we'll take anything you got. >> they did that on purpose and it's very funny. >> one man's -- never mind. finally, this photo. >> better than sex, a dessert restaurant. >> that's right. 8:30 now on a wednesday morning. it is the 10th of july, 2013. we say hello to folks that gathered on our plaza on a steamy morning here in new york. grammy nominee ed sheerdan will be here on our toyota concert stage. good morning everyone. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer and natalie morales. >> do you know what is coming up fast? it's better than -- >> dessert. some people would prefer to have dessert. >> i would eat dessert. can't you tell? here's our new photo for the caption contest next week from cindy overman. seriously? come on. i take a fish, you take a foot. let's do this. >> that is so precious. >> go to our facebook page, you [ female announcer ] introducing olay fresh effects' unstoppable skincare! a new line up that can keep up with whatever adventure.
8:31 am
the olympic winter games in about five months or show. this morning we're treated to an appearance by shaun white. he is going for a three-peat. we'll talk to him about how he is preparing. >> i almost didn't recognize him. >> looking good. >> and then from the smart solution to the body reset there's a lot of diets on the start fresh and finish sparkling 24/7 with new olay fresh effects. power on with va-va-vivid for a 400% better clean. hydrate up to 24 hours with long live moisture. and perfect with bb cream for radiant skin. catch them if you can at ♪ faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, market. we'll tell you how to pick the one that might best fit your personality. >> all right but we want to say hello to daisy. she is back on telemundo. >> yeah. >> you are the host of a show doing so well. it's like the voice with little ones. >> with little kids. approximate you're a fan of the the voice you can imagine. take the whole thing up a notch you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto.
8:32 am
to another level. these kids are brilliant. we're down to the final 18 now and they're so intense and they're so talented but they're so honest, too. so, you know, the emotional level because they are kids and they will cry or laugh. >> do you ever worry about that because they're so young and under such intense pressure on the show. >> no because they are so clear about what they want to do and how important this is to them. good morning to you t is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. while there are no conclusive findings about what actually caused the crash of the asiana airlines flight in san francisco, federal investigators beginning to piece together what happened. they now say the pilots of flight 214 relied on an automated cockpit equipment to control the jetliner's speed as they land bud they realized too late they were flying too low and too slow before crashing onto the runway. two teens died in the crash.
8:33 am
they're not like regular little kids. in a way they are because there's times when you see they're just babies but when they're speaking about what they're doing and what they want to do with their lives they're on another level. they're very mature and very together. >> as we mentioned, you got your start on telemundo. you used to do the weather for them. >> i did. >> i understand you used to kind of make up the weather. >> i did -- you're going to show this. >> there's a throw back. you're welcome. >> you had a sweater too. >> of course i did. i think i inspired his style. >> so you would listen to the radio and repeat. >> i would listen to the weather forecast and kind of repeat it, put it in my own words and completely make up the forecast for the caribbean. sunny. >> 50% chance of rain. way to go. >> well it's great to have you back on telemundo. daisy, thank you. you can catch it on telemundo more than 1180 brothers hurt. after the break, we will check the forecast and look at those roads. sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> let's get a check of the weather. we have guests visiting from kansas city and this sign says our mom is 50. where's your mom? >> i thought this was your sister. this is your mother. happy 50th birthday good to see you here. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the weather chances. we have opportunity for hot weather through the middle of the country. temperatures will be cooler for us as we head into the northeast because of cloud cover and
8:34 am
chance of rain today. the risk comes in this afternoon rolling through the ohio river valley. upper midwest stunningly gorgeous. watching for the monsoon to kick in in the good morning to you. 8:34 now, taking a live look at the hills in sinole. you can see what's left of that marine layer starting to burn off quickly. pretty cool picture here shows you how fog clears from the top down. 84 degrees in concord today, 77 degrees in fremont and 79 on wait to redwood city. you just can't beat that kind of weather. mid-july should be much warmer. temperatures are going to be really steady throughout the next couple of days, only climbing into the upper 80s no 90s in the near future. i hope you have a great day. and don't forget you can always check out your forecast 24/7-on-the weather channel or on back to the guys. >> we have a warm one on tap in new york but we're starting to think about cooler temperatures 10:28. welcome back. still nice and foggy over the golden gate bridge that means temperatures are going to be comfort. an the natural a/c pumping natural cool into the bay. we have lost it now. warmer cities across the bay, 70 in livermore, look at this something you don't typically expect for the month of july.
8:35 am
because the olympics are only 212 days away. >> we want to say hello to one of the biggest stars. shaun white is here. really good to see you. there's less of you. you lost your long hair. we'll talk about that in a moment. but first are you getting ready for sochi? >> i am. i'm excited. it's one of those things where everything around my life right now is focused on the olympics. so it's a good feeling that it's we got the showers coming up from the south, move into the north. might actually see the isolated thunderstorms today over the south bay mountains, also a chance for the east bay hills. you can see here from the onshore flow, still quite a bit of cloud cover lingering over the san francisco bay, temps cool around the bay, 76 in fremont, 62 in san francisco, your 7-day forecast today at 11:00. let's check your drive once more with mike. good morning. looking over toward the san mateo bridge that moves smoothly in the westbound direction, both coming up. >> i was reading about the year you've had. you've won just about everything you have entered. have you set any goals for yourself that you haven't achieved this year. >> there's plenty of stuff coming up. what's fun about the olympics is there's a new discipline. every time you see me in the olympics it's been in the half pike which is what you're seeing right now but the new event is called slope style. >> what is that? >> a series of jumps in one run and rail features that you slide on and you make your way down are smooth, past 880 do have reports of a stall in lanes, could cause a little slowing toward hayward. slowing at 880 and 238. remainders of the morning commute. a little lag trivalley, the bay bridge toll plaza, starting to see a build now, marla, because of the midday giants game folks heading into the city for that >> that's right. go g-men. ♪
8:36 am
and do as many tricks as you can on those jumps and it's like, you know, the new thing. >> would you be considered one of the favorites in that as well. >> i'm all right at it. >> yeah. it's fun. >> how do you think of these tricks? does it come to you in the middle of the night? >> it's tricks based off of other tricks. but for me, sometimes, yeah, recently, funny you say that, i recently was dreaming about we're back with more "today" on this wednesday. we're playing who know to celebrate the drink that makes this job easier. we want to test your wine trivia. kathie lee is ready to hand out 100 bucks those who get the questions right. to those who don't, they get kathie lee's cd. everyone is a winner, kind of. here to help me out is leslie jane seymour, the snowboarding and i thought up this new rotation to put an an existing trick that i already have but it's random. mostly by mistake. you're setting out to do something and by accident you create a new trick. >> i imagine a lot of pressure on you then. >> a little bit but i like that. it's nice. it's something to strive for. to live up to. i like it. >> can i -- i like the hair. >> you like it? >> i really do. i loved the old hair too but you look very dapper with this. editor-in-chief of "more" magazine. they have launched a wine club for women called more uncooked. >> we have a lot of wine drinkers. it's a nice, relaxing thing to do. if you're a mature executive woman. >> we like it. all right, go ahead. >> this is zan from houston. america is the fourth largest wine producing nation beall but this country. is it france, italy, spain or
8:37 am
>> thank you. >> are you digging it? >> i like it. it was a tough call but i thought it was a good cause. >> locks of love, right? >> i donated it. it was 12 or 13 inches long straightened out. a lot of weight. >> exactly. >> there you go. good to see you. we're going to be seeing you in russia as the networks of nbc has complete coverage of the arg argenti argentina? >> argentina. >> wow. >> that's incredible. what's so interesting, america comes in behind france and italy and spain. who knew? >> yeah. >> it makes total sense. we are a big wine-drinking country. i have most of the readers. it makes total sense. >> back across to kathie lee. >> where are you from? >> naples, florida. >> what was hannibal lecter's wine of choice in silence of the lambs? games. it's not too late for teens and students to find a great summer job. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove >> chianti. >> yeah. >> that one -- you can see the scene in your head. it's so horrifying. >> but incredible. my favorite is where he quotes and where he says, i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nie nice chianti. it wasn't a nice chianti. >> from tuscaloosa, alabama. everybody is beautiful in
8:38 am
alabama. i'm telling you. in her hit single "ironic" alanis morissette sings about a black fly in what type of wine? >> chardonnay. >> wow. my scandalous cd is not doing well today. >> all the winos are getting everything right. chardonnay. >> that's the biggest wine in america, so i guess it makes sense. >> is it? >> yeah. >> a great song too. >> this woman is from high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" walkersville, maryland. what 2014 comedy caused merlot sales to suddenly slow down? was it sideways, the kids can all right, or notorious? >> oh, dear. notorious? >> no. but scandalous. >> oh. i know kathie lee is happy. the correct answer, sideways. >> yes. paul's character miles. he said that merlot is a common
8:39 am
and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good! i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money. kind of wine and so what happened is he was promoting pinot noir. all the great people who went to see the movie decided to drop their merlot and go for pinot noir. that's when we started our pinot noir obsession. >> okay. back across -- >> this is michael from tuscaloosa. all of these celebrities have endorsed or made their own wines except whom? madonna, kelly clarkson, fergie so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. it is expensive to be a teenager these days and even though summer is well underway it's not too late for your teen to earn extra cash. deborah is the author of go-getter girl's guide. and lucy is a college student at from black eyed peas or justin timberlake? >> i would say justin timberlake. >> no. he had it made for his wedding, i think. wow. there you go. >> the correct answer is kelly clarkson. >> only holdout. she decided not do it. you even got drew barrymore in there. >> do they do pretty well? >> yeah, it's interesting. marry a wine with a celebrity and you have big sales. >> from dun, north carolina, after her we are done, all --
8:40 am
johns hopkins university. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> we are late in the season. if students and teens need a job how can they be creative to get one. >> you have to approach it from the perspective of creating your own job. >> what areas would you be looking in right now. >> well, one great thing is lawn mowing. follow the green, cadding at golf courses. that was for you. thank you. i am really getting too old for this job. okay. thank you. sorry. okay. there are approximately how many bubbles in a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne? 1 million, 25 million, 50 million or 1 billion? >> 50 million? >> can you believe that? >> she didn't -- they must be reading "more" magazine. >> 50 million? >> yeah. amusement parks. local businesses, catering. they always need help with doing things over the summer. >> lucy has a great idea and told me about this in the past. you decided you were going to do online tutoring. not this summer but for several months. how did it come about. >> i'm a tutor for a website called instant and someone posted an link a few months ago, last year if anyone is interested in tutoring online there's a great site. moen got together with heineken and they counted 750 milliliter bottle, you wanted know, there's your answer. >> we know a lot more than we thought we knew. >> a lot more about wine. >> thank you for coming to see us. she made her mark as an mtv deejay and now daisy fuentes has a breakout hit and she'll tell us all about it. ement in hairca. triple resist our powerful formulas with arginine,
8:41 am
it's knew and i tutor students online for $20 an hour at my own home; so you're not getting rich. >> you're not getting rich. did you have to have any teaching experience. >> they like to see some tutoring experience but that can come in many forms. i helped my siblings in the past. i was a counselor at camp, anything like that. >> how were you evaluated as a tutor? does this online company then look at you and evaluate your performance. >> the stunlts evaluate you. so a student will come to you. an essential amino acid -- in every strand. l'oreal's unique triple reinforcing system. one, nourishes from the root up. two, reinforces the strand. three, strengthens hair from root to core to tip. with l'oreal triple resist hair fall due to breakage is reduced by 64%. i see stronger, more beautiful hair. triple resist - from l'oreal's most advanced haircare. change the life of your hair. you're worth it. [ female announcer ] another newtonism. into every life, a little fudge must drizzle. you can two on the site and choose your tutor based on what school they go to and subjects they can tutor in and their appearance. so you feel comfortable with them and your students give you feedback and you get rated on how quickly you respond to well you tutored them. >> $20 an hour. you get to create your own hours and do it from the comfort of your own home or you can do it anywhere you are based on having a computer. tell me about your students. who are you tutoring right now? >> my student is -- i thought new banana drizzled with dark fudge fruit thins. real fruit, real fudge, whole grains. newtons fruit thins. one unique cookie. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does!
8:42 am
this was going to be high school kids studying for the sats and college essays and things. a lot of it is. it's ages 13 and up but my first man was in shanghai learning english as a second language. i started in september when i was abroad in london and i followed until now and i'm planning on doing it when i go back to college. it's great because i take classes. wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. i'm sorority but when i come home at the end of the day i can tutor him. >> earn money. >> create a resume. >> just spend whatever you have got. baby silting, anything, put it on there. >> do your research. >> a lot of programs are available flt summer programs for your state and local government. look into if there's anything like that. >> advertise your availability. >> a lot of these sites you can [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at
8:43 am
set up your own profile and let the work come to you instead of going out to get it. post on these sites. post on facebook. put the word out to your family and friends and get out there and do it. >> be creative, be enterprising. good combination. lucy thank you as well. >> up next, struggling to find a weight loss plan that works for you. we'll have the best of the best when it comes to new diet books. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ] all the natural energy found in peanuts? talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. caramel works. [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. payday. crunchy, roasted peanuts and soft, delicious caramel come together to give you sweet energy. payday. fill up and go. not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. like this woman here. hello! what's your name? linda. linda obviously sacrificed a good haircut so that her daughter could have a warm coat. it's windy. yeah. now you can help people like linda stop with the sacrificing. tell them about light & fit greek nonfat yogurt twice the protein and 80 calories.
8:44 am
this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. thick... creamy. taste satisfying, right? eat! light and fit greek! ♪ dannon! thank you, daisy girl. cuban born beauty, and boy is she, daisy fuentes got her start as a weather girl 30 years ago. >> 30? >> you are fermenting beautifully. >> so are you. >> now she is back where it all began. daisy is the host of the number one rated show on telemundo. a spanish-language spinoff of "the voice." >> so nice to see you. >> it's a jackpot again, look at
8:45 am
you. >> she always does. you know why, she's a nice person. >> at the very top of the show we watched three young girls sing and we're going to show just a tiny clip of these three, and we chose the one we thought was going to go on. this is jessica, right? >> jessica, yes. >> then jennifer is the second girl and another girl at the end. kathie picked jessica, the first girl. i picked jennifer, her. back now at 8:45 with the skinny of the newest diets. an overwhelming number of experts are offering advice on how to beat the battle of the bulge. how do you know what will work for you. >> from christina and kelly osbourne. they feel the pressure to shed a if you lbs. i picked jennifer. >> one of you is right. >> which one? >> kathie is right. it was jennifer that won. >> jennifer, that was me! >> was it the first girl, the second girl? >> the second girl. i thought you picked jennifer. >> i picked the first girl. >> she is one of the 18 finalists now. we'll find out if she makes it through next sunday. >> how old is she? >> i'm forgetting how old she is, but all the kids are between 7 and 14. >> what's it like with kids,
8:46 am
>> i've bun weight watchers. >> atkins. >> the craziest is the tooth pick diet. >> some people eat paper. >> the baby food diet but i don't think i would try that. >> there's no end to the number of weight loss plans out there. no carbs, no protein, liquid only diets. the choices can make your head spin. >>s about a life still change versus a diet. >> well madeline is nbc's diet emotions have to run high. >> we had our own kids voice a couple of years ago. >> it was tough. >> it's hard to say no to a child. >> they are so honest. they show you everything in their face. everything that they are feeling, their excitement and then when they are let down. you're right there withthem. >> they sob and breakdown. their parents hate you. >> you're wearing mascara, just a mess. no, it's such a fantastic show anyway, and now you add and health editor. you did the work. you picked the best of the best. >> these plans are safe and based on sound science and easy to follow and no quick fixes here. these are plans for the long hall. >> okay. different categories. the first is the 5-2 bikini diet. >> it means not 5 plus two days but seven days a week. the issue here is having a five day plan where your monitoring your calories. children, takes it to a whole other level. your emotions, the level of surprise on the show is amazing. >> how do you find these kids? they are very talented, the ones you have. how do you find them? >> very talented. they all come from the u.s. we held auditions and i think like 6,000 kids showed up. they were only able to see, like, 3,000, and only 120 make it through. when you start seeing the blind auditions, you're already seeing the best of the best. >> exactly. are we going to talk about a wig line for you?
8:47 am
women about 1500 and member about 2,000 but two days a week you'll cut back and eat about 5 or 600 calories a day. you have plenty of food to eat. you space this out. this is the jump start depending upon your starting weight you could lose a half to two extra pounds a week and that adds up. >> because of the locale ri days. >> the ultra locaw calorie days. you can have nuts for lunch and >> i have a wig line. >> you're not wearing a wig. >> no, i'm not now, but i wear the clip-on bangs and extensions and the wigs for photo shoots. >> we have jerry here. jerry and jimmy. >> oh, my gosh! >> they look sexier than they ever have. >> they do. >> need a little something here. >> you do need a little wax. >> spinal tap. >> by the way, the hair does low calorie lunch. >> for people that think they can't go through life without pasta and bread, this can be for you. they're fiber rich and there's beans and things that give you the starchy flavor and vegetables and fruits are a large part of it. >> the body reset diet. this is not a cleanse, or a juice cleanse. what is it? look so natural, right? >> feels natural. >> curtains don't match the carpet. >> hoda's face. >> thanks, guys, for modeling for us. >> the drapes don't match the carpet. >> thank you, that was really fast. >> airs sunday nights at 8:00/7:00 central on telemundo. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> thank you. finally, your excuse not to exercise. we're going to tell you all about the weird things exercise
8:48 am
>> every time people think about liquid plans they think about cleansing or juicing, it's not this. it's do it yourself protein shakes. it's for five days you're going to be on liquid protein shakes you make yourself with dairy based things. it's very healthy. this is to get your mind off of what am i going to eat every day just for five at as an other other foods in between for snacks but you transition to real food but this is something you can follow for a long time with two shakes or one shake can do to your body. plus, you're going to need to workout if you've been dipping into movie theater munchies lately. >> the ones along with regular food. >> a couple more to get to. art smith's healthy comfort. this is a book if you're a chef, a foodie. >> there's a lot of prep and shopping and cooking which people like. it has a lot of flavors and he lost more than 100 pounds following the plans. all the recipes have how many calories preserving. >> the last book has more to do with psychology than anything. the reasons why we eat. >> it's connecting your mind and body. smart tube technology. why didn't they think of this sooner? you see, the smart tube reaches the bottom so you can spray every last drop. absolutely magnific... my bottle! my eagle! introducing... (clears throat) re-introducing smart tube technology. a meal like thiso save on fast from walmartd dinners. costs less that $3.50 per serving.
8:49 am
this tells you more about why you're eating instead of what you're eating and it works with most plans you can follow. >> all right. i just elevated you to doctor. madeline, to me you are the doctor of dieting. >> thank you. >> coming up, how much are your collectibles really worth? what you need to know before you sell. but first, this is "today" on nbc. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? and if a family of four like yours switches out fast food dinner just once a week you can save over $690 a year. unbelievable. it's believable. save on a kraft dinner backed by the low price guarantee. walmart [ mom ] for big girl jobs there's bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less with bounty select-a-size. is that true? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? ♪ igarnier invents olia. a haircolor breakthrough.
8:50 am
our first ammonia-free permanent color, powered by oil. olia propels color deep. pure, luminous, vivid color. visibly improves and restores hair. new olia by garnier. she has been around corn her entire life,
8:51 am
is your basement or attic filling up with things you never want to let go of? you might want to sell some of it to earn extra cash. this is kim langford, she is a contributing editor of personal finances. she has great rules to follow when you want to sell stuff. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> first is a basic one, a lot of people have stuff in their attic and basement and garage. how do you know what is valuable and what isn't? so she's probably been around corn longer than i have. [ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪ >> do research. it's so much easier than it had been in the past. go on ebay and look at the competed sales. it's not what they're trying to be sold for. so many people have wishful thinking price there is. but look at the sale values. if you see things that seem to be valuable, then go to sites that can tell you about special marketings to look for and then if it looks more valuable go to a dealer and appraiser and get them to get you price books.
8:52 am
>> preferably not one that wants to buy it. they'll low ball you a little bit. >> so many people go to a dealer and say not worth much. >> get a second appraiser. who paid just to appraise them not buy them. >> what's this. >> it's something called the 30 year rule. the things you played with as a kid, about 30 years later when you have some money and you can finally buy some of these things and chemothem in your office, that's when they tend to be all right. now it's time for a game, a new game, we did not name it, but it's called beat it or eat it. >> no, not another game, not called that. >> it's all about the foods we valuable. so things like star wars action figures they're valuable now and especially the early ones from the 70s but the most valuable ones are ones you never played with. ones mint in box. >> you need them to be in great condition if they have the box they came in, that's a really big deal. >> this set here is worth about $500 but if you have separate ones that are well worn, they'll be 20 to $30. the set together and the box makes a big difference. >> what else do you have that's mindlessly munch on at movies. we have mallets. >> so we have beat it. >> the food we thought we should avoid and eat the healthier option. >> who else would be putting us through this other than today's diet and health editor. >> hey, how are you? >> this is about calorie count. >> this is about calorie counts. okay, if you're at the movies, we all want something to eat at the movies. you have your mallet. i'm going to give you two comparisons. you'll either beat it or eat it.
8:53 am
valuable. >> we have comic books here from midtown so are ly valuable. this is worth about $3,000 and this one is worth about $2,300 but there's a huge difference. these have been graded and appraised and it's very, very good condition but some of these down here are only worth about $100. they're still valuable and hold but some of the ones much younger only about 20 to $30. so a huge, huge range. you want to find an expert that feel free to whack away the thing you'll not be eating. >> one question, is there butter on this popcorn? >> i'm getting to that. unbuttered popcorn, 12 cups, or a kids meal with three cups of unbuttered popcorn, diet soft drink, and candy. you are right. this is about 700 calories. if you get the kids meal, it's about half that. you can bring some baggies and divide this up. >> they don't like when you go can look at yours and tell you what we're worth. >> another category, kitchen wear, costume jewelry. what's the sign of value. >> the very valuable things are 1950s are really in style. mid century modern furniture and 1950s kitchenware. the bright color. people like the bright colors but this is kitchenware so people used it. it's going to be more valuable if it's in very good condition which is hard to find in your attic if your mom used it. >> if savannah wants to unload into the theater and take your own popcorn. >> you're not. bringing the bag and filling it. >> what if they ask you, did you bring it in? >> what kind of a -- does that? >> let's compare some candy. we have a box of junior mints and the same amount of m & ms. oh! you are right! these are around 700 -- >> i want to do it again. >> you can divide this up if you want the whole box for yourself, just have a whole box of junior mints for about half those calories. >> i love junior mints.
8:54 am
her college collection of tuppe tupperware. >> wait 30 years and see. >> it's important if people >> next, something i know these girls really like is red licorice. this is a movie pack, five ounces, of red licorice versus this is an icy, those frozen drinks you can have. >> i want to eat those, i'm only going to hit it once. >> you are right. this is what you want to beat. this whole pack is 500 calories. >> the whole pack is 500? when i was stuck on the plane i ate a jumbo pack. >> here's your serving, three or four. >> what do i look like? mrs. maria, you're confessing to me? >> come on, hoda, you'll know this. >> chewy fruit snacks versus gummies. beat it or eat it? these are hard to beat. >> like roaches, nothing happens. >> this is one serving, 500 calories, knock it in half by getting the fruit snacks. >> let's not bang these up, because i love these.
8:55 am
>> now we're going to get to real food. nachos versus soft pretzel. boy, don't like those nachos. >> i love them. you're right, 700 calories. >> the cheese. what happened to the cheese? the cheese -- >> then -- >> oh, my gosh, there's the cheese! that's nasty. >> all right. don't want to beat a pretzel just for fun? >> this is about 350 calories, too. it's no bargain, but you can buy some water in the movies, add some low calorie sweeteners. >> you don't get to beat this. >> some people in the movies, these are eat it, not beat it. >> pickle! >> you can have some beef jerky if you want. ask your movie theaters for these things. >> who wants beef jerky in a movie? >> some people do. >> madeleine! >> nobody does. >> let's beat
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
if you've been looking for any reason not to go to the gym, well, that's what we're here for. >> all right. apparently exercise does some bizarre things to your body, like causing you to break out in hives or you get a stabbing pain in your side. >> and "readers digest" covers these issues. >> welcome, ladies. >> we should point out we're not telling people do not exercise, we're kind of showing red flags that may pop up as you do. >> exactly. exercise is one of the
9:00 am
healthiest things you can do every day. we're trying to troubleshoot the things that can keep you from working out. >> one thing called the leaky faucet, when your nose is dripping while you're working out. >> in the middle of spinning class and your nose starts running and you're trying to wipe it on the sleeve or towel and what's happening is you're breathing more through your nose and your nose dries out. >> what should we do? >> carry a bunch of tissues or ask your doctor for prescription for a nasal spray that you can spray before you workout to prevent it from leaking on you. >> nothing wrong with that, it just happening. >> your body is trying to protect you. doesn't happen to me if i'm in a gym. >> they think pollution may play a role, too, air quality. >> sometimes when you're running you get the side stabbing in your ribs, oh, my god, what is that, you want to stop and walk. what is that? >> most annoying things that can happen to runners, it's your
9:01 am
diaphragm spasming from breathing heavily. >> what should you do, just stop? >> take a rest, slow it down, slow down your breathing, stretch out, but honestly happens more when you're not in shape or starting to workout again, so as you get more physically active, it should go away. >> okay. there's something i've seen when people work out, their face turns bright, bright red. >> you're afraid they are going to have a heart attack. >> this is really a total normal thing. it's your body's way of cooling down during a workout, so your blood vessels in your face are dilating. >> people that don't sweat a lot, they are the ones their face gets real, real red. >> it's a total, natural thing. >> something to be worried about? >> what your body is doing is trying to release heat so it's opening blooz vessels. spray yourself with water. >> when do you know there's a problem when you're overheat something. >> if you're getting really hot, you feel you might faint, you're sweating a lot, outside
9:02 am
particularly in weather like this, it could be a sign of heat exhaustion. >> what if someone were to break out in hives when they were working out? i would stop working out immediately. >> sounds like the oldest excuse in the book, you could be allergic to exercise, sometimes it's true. it can make you break out in a red rash. >> you should see your doctor for it to make sure there's nothing else going on. >> what else could cause such a thing? >> could be allergic to something in the environment causing hives, but if everything checks out okay, you can hold it off by trying to exercise in a colder environment. >> lastly, if you are running, walking, whatever, and have to run to the restroom all the time and you're in a panic, is there an issue happening there? >> it's a little bit of an embarrassing issue, runners don't like to talk about it, but it's surprisingly common, people call it runners trots. and basically what's happening is for a long runner, even a long walk, your body is moving blood away from your digestive track.
9:03 am
>> thank you, ladies, for joining us. >> not going to get a cure? >> no, live with it. it's called pepto. >> water and avoid fatty foods. tomorrow, country star and former hootie and the blow fish darius rucker is with us. plus, meals you can pack up for a day at the beach. also ambush makeovers. have a great wines look at 'em.
9:04 am
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right now at 11:00, we are just hours away from the next update from the ntsb on that asiana air crash investigation. meantime, the wreckage still out on the runway at sfo. you will notice that there are garbage bins now at that scene out there. they are there to help investigators put excess fuel and retardant away. for the record this marks the very first sight of cleanup since saturday's deadly crash. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tellez. we continue our coverage of the asiana airlines crash at sf would. bay area's bob redell. he joins us live from sf hospital where the ai
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